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So we all know Rockerbye has some of the best double gauze out there! Amazing colors, super soft, and so versatile!  In past blogs I've given tons of ideas on what to make with your gauze but sometimes you get invited to a last-minute baby shower, or you are super pregnant expecting a baby any day and just want something easy but adorable for your little one (aka me).  So today I'm bringing you the fast and easy DIY Swaddle and Bow Blog!   All you need is one yard of double gauze and you've got yourself an adorable little set for...

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So by now, you've all seen this gorgeous gauze floating around Rockerbye land (which, by the way, gets softer with every wash),  but what do you do with it!?!  Well, most of what you've seen I'm sure is the awesome wash clothes and blankets it makes but there is so much more to do with it!   Let's start with blankets though-  There are quite a few different ways to make blankets from this gauze,  It can be as simple as serging around a square and you are good to go!  You can make it double sided and then turn and...

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As you all know, the big reprint round is opening soon!  It'll be available on 3 different bases- Cotton Lycra, Minky, and Squish!  Now generally when you hear about Minky you pretty much just think blankets, but it can be so much more!   I wanted to give you all some inspiration on some other options so you are ready to #buyalltheminky! I mean- it does make amazing blankets though. ;)  So I took to the "streets" asking around for ideas for minky projects and was not disappointed.  I mean- you all know the amazing seamstresses we have in our community- the...

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