What do I do with this Gauze!?!

What do I do with this Gauze!?!

So by now, you've all seen this gorgeous gauze floating around Rockerbye land (which, by the way, gets softer with every wash),  but what do you do with it!?!  Well, most of what you've seen I'm sure is the awesome wash clothes and blankets it makes but there is so much more to do with it!   Let's start with blankets though- 

There are quite a few different ways to make blankets from this gauze,  It can be as simple as serging around a square and you are good to go!  You can make it double sided and then turn and topstitch,  you can back it with other fabrics, or you can bind it with satin, minky, or really anything. My son is absolutely in love with his double sided Rockerbye Gauze blankies with satin binding!   They are his soothing/comfort lovies and he has to have them to sleep with.  ( I'll be doing a blog post next week about how to do this! )  They also make great swaddle blankets.  The very best part is they are breathable, which always makes me feel safer giving them to my kiddos. (Obviously always take proper precautions when letting your little use blankets)

Here are my satin bound ones

Some examples of turned and topstitched from Torey of Oliveanche Clothing Company


And bordered hem and minky binding examples by our very own Amber


and finally for all the feels- this squishy little baby all wrapped up in one of Amber's simply hemmed blankets! 

Next up- Washcloths!  The most popular way to make these is with the scrap packs.  First you cut the squares out, sandwich two of them together, and then serge all the way around.  Another way to make them is to sew right sides together leaving a small opening, turn it right side out, and then topstitch.  A great option for a little extra gripping action is to back with some terry cloth fabric instead of two gauze layers.  Whatever way you choose- you will love these washcloths.  They are super absorbent, don't leave streaks, and I can use one to clean my whole kitchen were I'd normally use a boatload of paper towels!  Plus they make cleaning way more fun with all our favorite Rockerbye prints. 

Look at this perfect set by Danielle of Homesewn Couture 


Now on to the extras-

First, we'll start with this extra bonus strike off sneak peek I sewed up for you guys (Pre order will be open here soon) !  BEST PANTS EVER!!!   I used the Patterns for Pirates Palazzo Pants  and they worked perfectly!  I did do a little adjusting as the pattern is made for knits and gauze is woven.   I just made sure to take my seated hip measurement which fell between my normal hip size and the next size up so I just sized up one size from my regular.  So cute, comfy, and will be perfect for spring and summer with how light and flowy it is!  You could also use a pajama bottom pattern but I loved the yoga waistband and extra little flare of these.  P.S.  In case you were wondering- you can still totally do all then ninja moves you want in these! 

Next, with another sneak peek from our upcoming round, as well as some old rounds, is from none other than our amazingly talented Quilenthia Celeste Wingfield- Accime-  check out her blog here quilenthia.squarespace.com .  For this beautiful Mommy and Me set for her Sister and Niece, she used the Made for Mermaids Mama Lilly and Lillian dresses. Could they be any more gorgeous??


This adorable romper and dress are both The Simple Life Pattern Company's Adelyn dress and romper add-on.   

Finally this adorable little t-shirt dress with gauze skirt!  




Our own amazing admin Weatherly made these to die for outfits. I can't even with her little cutie!!  For the Poncho, she used this pattern https://www.etsy.com/listing/471337878/veritas-cape-poncho-pattern-and-tutorial?ref=shop_home_feat_3

Glaxay Unicorn Dress- https://stitchuponatime.com/product/aurora-crop-top-dress/

Vikings outfit- Modified LLK Isla

Bonnet and Dress   https://thecottagemama.patternbyetsy.com/listing/256537160/pdf-josie-mae-bonnet-baby-girl-button   http://ckcpatterns.com/tawnys-girls.html


Mariana sewed up this super cute top and dress.  Dress is the Peekaboo Patterns Perfect Peasant Dress and the top is Simple Life Pattern Company's Patricia Top.

I'm in love with these adorable hand dyed pants from Anna at Honeysuckle Handmades  She used the Brindille and Twig   Retro Sweats but also recommends the Sarasol Pants but size up to account for lack of stretch! 

 Amy Kushner Wilson of Brooklyn Bird Designs Used the Twig and Tale Breeze shirt for this amazing top! 


We've also seen some Rockerbye made into this adorable romper!!  http://ckcpatterns.com/lincolns-babies.html

Aren't those all amazing??   So overall, there are so many options to use for gauze.  Really most woven patterns and some knit patterns if you pay attention to size ( and maybe size up)  will all work for gauze!  If you have an idea and aren't sure ask us in the group!!  Do you feel more comfortable with your gauze options now!?  #sewalltheguaze Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any questions!

Happy Sewing and Rocking! 


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I believe I’m going to have to make myself some pants and dresses from gauze


The ninja moves in the flip flops have me nervous but the pantless child’s face is the best!


Wow- another very insightful and inspiring blog, Michelle! (And you do got some great ninja moves! Kiai 気合)


Omg! So many cool projects and new ideas!

Jes Lindsey

I totally need to make some washcloths and maybe tackle a breeze!

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