Minky - more than just blankets!

Minky - more than just blankets!

As you all know, the big reprint round is opening soon!  It'll be available on 3 different bases- Cotton Lycra, Minky, and Squish!  Now generally when you hear about Minky you pretty much just think blankets, but it can be so much more!   I wanted to give you all some inspiration on some other options so you are ready to #buyalltheminky! I mean- it does make amazing blankets though. ;) 

So I took to the "streets" asking around for ideas for minky projects and was not disappointed.  I mean- you all know the amazing seamstresses we have in our community- the things they've done with minky blew my mind!  They were all super generous and gave me permission to share it all with you!

First up- Because it has minimal stretch- Minky makes great  super cuddly stuffies, stuffed animals, lovies, etc. Kids and adults alike can't help but snuggle and pet them!   Here are a few amazing creations to inspire you! 
Could these stuffies by Melody, owner of Fabric Anthropology, be anymore amazing??

Adorable lovey and taggies by Ashlee Marie Aisenson

Little cute fox lovey by Karen Smith

Diapers and Pads-  Minky is often used in both of those for the softness factor and it wicks away moisture leaving a stay dry feeling.   
The extremely talented Jessie Lynn of Exquisitely Tangled and Twisted
topped the pad on the right with Minky
Accessories- I've seen minky Boppy covers, changing pad covers, car seat covers, and look at this amazing chair upholstery done by Megan Labombard

Clothing-   In general, any clothing that doesn't require much stretch can be made out of minky - if your item needs stretch well,  now you have Squish to use!!   Minky works great for lining hoods, jackets, for ponchos, slippers, scarves, mittens and really so much more.  The world is yours - you just have to think outside the box a little!   
Amazing Slippers by Ashlee Marie Aisenson and a cute little baby poncho!

Amazing Elsa Cape Poncho by Stacy Campbell-Kraft (you can see her blog post here http://www.stylinstacy.com/an-elsa-cape/)

Adorable reversible Jacket by Erin Beggs Wilson! 

Cute little scarf by Shelley Warren
and finally soft squishy little robes by Cindy Lewis

And Finally Blankets- Blankets can go from crazy simple to super complex!  A question we hear often is,  what do you back them with?? Well, you can really choose any backing you'd like for your blankets including minky, faux fur, sherpa, cotton lycra, Velour, and I've even used Bamboo Lycra- I was just extra careful sewing!   For the easiest results, you'll want to pick something with similar stretch.
Look at this super cute sherpa lined blanket by Torey Ramos with added applique! 
The best advice we all have to give is to Pin Pin Pin or Clip Clip Clip and take it nice and slow.  A walking foot is going to help you a lot. The whole point is to keep your fabric from slipping. When I say a lot of clips- I'm not exaggerating. (photo courtesy of Chelsea Carruthers) 
As far as finishing the blanket there are a lot of different ways as well.  It can be as simple as sewing right sides together leaving a hole to turn right side out. Then you can hand stitch closed or top stitch.  You can also bind it with satin or other types of fabric for a different look.  Stacy Campbell Craft did a great blog post here on how to bind with satin http://www.stylinstacy.com/minky-and-flannel-1-yard-baby-blanket/ 
A couple last min tips-   I'd definitely recommend to hang dry to keep your minky feeling nice and soft, clean your machine afterward, and always pre-wash your fabrics to get those yucky chemicals off. In general don't be afraid of minky! It can be your friend and give you the coziest results for both babies, kids, and adults. Bonus-  it actually washes amazingly well!   (Perfect for cheeto kid hands!)  Check out this giant minky blanket I made adult size,  we can't let the kiddos to have all the minky fun (especially in Rockerbye prints) !

Keep your eyes peeled for the opening of the reprint round where you'll see tons of cuddly minky sewn up by our amazing seamstresses. Don't ever be afraid to ask for help on our page too. We are a community and always want to lend a hand if we can.  The reprint round will be live here to pre-order soon!  We can't wait to see what you make!   Happy sewing! 


*Cover Photo by the talented Anna Collins of Honeysuckle Handmades* 

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great ideas! i need to make some minky toys!


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