Treat Yo Self with the SUAT Brazi in Rockerbye Fabric!

Treat Yo Self with the SUAT Brazi in Rockerbye Fabric!

I'm so excited today to feature one of my favorite most versatile patterns out there.  I've used it for bras, dresses, nursing bras, nursing tanks and more! I'm talking about Stitch Upon a Time Brazi Pattern!   Yay!! I've used the Brazi so much over the years and it never fails me.  Perfect timing too for all the new years getting back into workout routine goals!  Let's chat about the pattern and then I'll give you some examples.

The Brazi pattern is a unique one in that you basically get 3 patterns in one.  The top part is a fully lined cross back bra that you can absolutely leave as just a normal bra or you have the option of adding a skirt in either knee length or floor maxi length.  The best part is since the top is essentially a bra- there is no need to wear one! Sizing runs from XXS to XXXL (bust measurements from 25" - 53") with testers having success up to a size F cup!  They also give the option of how to add foam bra cups.  There is a bonus cross over add on that is perfect if you want a different look or nursing access!  I've made pretty much every option and haven't been disappointed.  The fabric they generally recommended is Cotton Lycra but athletic fabrics, bamboo (you might want something with more recovery for the bra part), swim, and even lace have all worked perfectly for me!   

Most recently I've been using it for the nursing bra aspect as I'm expecting my little one any time and my old nursing bras were questionable. I've made a few ot of cotton lycra and even mashed with another pattern for a nursing tank version.   


This isn't one  Rockerbye fabric but I wanted to show you how it looks with an added shirt for a nursing tank! Obviously, it'll be sans belly :P 

I love it in dress form as well!  These aren't Rockerbye either but are from earlier in my sewing journey (so it's great for begginers too).  You'll see I've mashed it with a pencil skirt with a lace overaly for a form-fitting dress but I honestly really love the skirt it comes with the pattern!  I even used it for my last pregnancy with no mods.  I can't wait to make one out of Rockerbye Bamboo for this summer!


So many options!! It's stunning in Maxi length as well! 

Now- I've got a big day coming up- my last baby so my last birth!  I've done a natural birth, I've done an epidural, and this birth I'd really love to go natural and feel a little more in control and empowered.   I've decided if things go my way (HA I know I need to be flexible with birth but figured I could have a plan) I'd like to do a water labor if not a full water birth.  Unfortunately, all of my old sports bras are uncomfortable and too tight right now and my swimsuit options are just meh.  I really wanted something that wouldn't be uncomfortable or get in the way with being in the water.   I knew the Brazi would be perfect in swim fabric so I didn't get that heavy cold soppy water feeling I would with cotton and I could make it a size that's comfortable for me now. Plus, I could use it after for a nursing bra especially during the hotter summer months.  Of course, had to use my Rockerbye and it turned out perfect!! I lined it with a lightweight power mesh as I didn't' need a ton of support (not planning on running in this bad boy).  I'm officially ready for baby now!  Plus it looks super cute!! 

I'm actually not the only one who has used the Brazi for a water birth bra either! The pattern designer Jennifer did as well and she even gave me permission to share these photos with you all.   How amazing is she,  am I right??? 


Jennifer is so generous and has offered us an awesome discount code off the Brazi and the crossover addon!  From now until the 26th you can get the patterns for 20% off using the code RockerbyeBrazi20.  I'm seriously so excited to see what you all create!  If you want some extra inspiration just search Brazi in the Rockerbye facebook group and you can see some of the awesomeness that our members have already made!  Make sure you share over in the Stitch Upon a Time facebook group as well! Thank you as always for reading! 

Happy Sewing and Rocking


P.S. - I'm hoping this inspires baby to come out :P 

 P.P.S.- One of our amazing members Tara of Mom+3 Used the brazi to make some gorgeous rockerbye nursing bras with even matching outfits for her little and gave me persmission to share these amazing photos!  She did a little hacking to make straight over straps instead of crossing them which is a pretty simple adjustment!


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You just totally convinced me that I DO need this pattern!!

Brittany B

Love all these beautiful ladies! I would love to try a water birth with my next.

Emily doyle

Love this! So versatile and would complement a lot of styles.

Alyssa White

Have to try that pattern! You look amazing!


What an awesome post! Thanks so much for sharing!


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