"The Super Simple DIY Rockerbye Tooth Fairy Pillow"

"The Super Simple DIY Rockerbye Tooth Fairy Pillow"

Well, that time has come, despite my best efforts to keep my kids little forever my oldest son has his first loose tooth!   I had a little panic moment as he's not the best sleeper and the whole "under the pillow" thing was going to be rough to try to make that happen. Then I remembered I'd seen the cutest little tooth fairy pillows floating around where you put it in a little pocket sewn on a pillow that hangs by your bed so it's still "under the pillow" but the Tooth Fairy doesn't have to find a tiny tooth under a random pillow that's been thrashed about during sleep.  Genius!  There were a ton of cute ones I could buy but honestly... why buy when I have all the supplies here!?  (also you know that thing called a budget... boooo)

So today I bring you- "The Super Simple DIY Rockerbye Tooth Fairy Pillow".  Before we get started-  This little project turned out to be the perfect opportunity to let Sullivan (eldest with the loose tooth) learn how to sew!  He's been asking a bit and I figured this was a great place to start. Plus it makes the whole tooth fairy thing even more special as he helped make his pillow.    So if you have a little wanting to learn to sew-  bring them in on this!   I sewed the details but he picked the fabrics, did the clipping, sewed the main pillow together, and stuffed it!  How awesome is that!?  Okay on to the sewing.

I recommend the super awesome Rockerbye woven for this project. I'm sure you could use knit but woven is just a bit easier for these projects especially if you have littles helping.  Sullivan picked out Vikings with a mountain pocket.   So for the pillow, you'll cut out two rectangles-  I did  10 x7, for the pocket 4.75 x3.75, and name tag  5.5x3   Feel free to add whatever extras you want cute appliques, buttons, patches, the pillow is your oyster. (don't mind my sewed name tag already - I forgot to take the first picture... I am human after all I suppose ;) ) 

Now we need to prep your name tag and pocket.  For the name tag you are going to fold it in half lengthwise right sides together.  I sew both short ends and then partially along both long ends leaving a small hole (not too small) in the center to turn it right side out.   Once you've turned it right side out go ahead and press it and set it aside.  

For your pocket-  you can really make it whatever size you want, I liked this because it wasn't going to be too small for me to fit my fingers in.  Now we are going to create some memory hems by folding your sides in 1/2 an inch and your top-down 1/2 an inch and bottom 1/4 of an inch.  (I know those are weird but  I just winged cutting and pressing to what looked like a good pocket ;) )  Take your pocket over to your sewing machine and edgestitch along the top edge catching your side presses in.  This will be the top of your pocket.   

Now it's time to add your extras to your pillow.  Grab your pins and place your extras on top of your pillow top (one layer).  Once you have them where you want them (keeping in mind the seam allowance of the actual pillow (1/4inch)) pin them on.   I like to use a basting spray for items that won't be pockets to help keep them in place while sewing and not having to use pins! When pinning your pocket make sure you are catching your pressed edges under.  Only pin around the two sides and bottom.  You need to leave the top open for the pocket.   Now topstitch them onto your pillow front.  

Next, grab some kind of cording or ribbon and cut it to the size you'd like to create your strap to hang your pillow.  I made mine 16.5 inches.   Line up the edges with the raw edges of the top of your pillow and baste in place. 

Grab the back pillow piece and lay it on top of your front pillow piece right sides together (your strap will be sandwiched between).  I clipped the four corners and then had my little guy do the rest.  Head on over to your sewing machine and you'll want to stitch all the way around your pillow leaving about a 2 inch opening in the bottom to turn your pillow right side out.   Sullivan sewed this part.  I turned down the speed on the machine as slow as possible and helped work on guiding it through. I had a walking foot on which helped a lot too.  He did great and was so proud!

Now you'll turn your pillow right side out and fill it with stuffing! Once filled to your liking, you'll then use a ladder stitch to hand stitch the opening closed.  I added Sullivan's name with a sharpie because my vinyl cutting machine is packed away.  Feel free to get creative though with your own vinyl or applique!   If you decide to vinyl I'd recommend doing it before you sew your pillow all the way together. 

Wah lah! Adorable super fast and simple little tooth fairy pillow.  I hope you all enjoyed this quick little tutorial. It also makes just a cute fun little pillow.  You could even make a big version that could hold a book or a special toy for your kids.  Lots of options and a great first sew for kids!   

Make sure you share your creations in our group! Until next time,

Happy Sewing and Rocking,



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