The love for Zane runs deep <3

The love for Zane runs deep <3

Today I bring you one of my favorite patterns.  One I use over and over again.  I'm talking about Ellidactyl Zane Joggers. They are super stylish, modern, and so unique! They also have a huge size range running from Newborn to 12 years!    

Zane joggers are packed full of options and make color blocking so easy.  I remember being terrified to sew my first pair but they came together like a dream.  Here is a little visual chart of all the options you can choose.   

You can even choose to do different options for the front and back to make it even more unique. Really your imagination is your only limit with this pattern. It's an absolute favorite among our Rockerbye community especially with all of Amber's amazing coordinates! 

 Now, are you ready for pictures yet??  Since it's a favorite, I had to,  of course, use it for the upcoming Ninja round!  Check out this adorable 2t size on my, not so little,  21-month-old.  I used the double swoop option with the regular waistband. They are adorable, comfortable, and my little guy was running like crazy with zero issues!

Not convinced yet?? Well here are a few more sewn up in Rockerbye fabric by our amazing seamstress team!

Admin Alexa and Owner of MinneSEWta Threads  sewed up these adorable sets

and how cute is this pair from Anna of Honeysuckle Handmades

Finally- while it's not Rockerbye or any custom print,  I absolutely love the way Zane Joggers look on little squishy babies!!

Whelp, by now I'm sure you are convinced you need some Zanes in your life but guess what, Elliedactyl has a ton of other amazing patterns you need too!!   The owner is absolutely amazing and has offered all of us Rockerbye fans a whopping 25% off your ENTIRE cart total!! So amazing and generous! I can't wait to grab a few more patterns.  So head over to Elliedactyl and use the code RockerZane25 to pick up some new patterns that pair perfectly with all your Rockerbye fabrics!  This code will be good through 4/7!  Also, don't forget to check out the new pre-order starting here soon! 


Happy Sewing and Rocking! <3 


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Rockerbye and Elliedactyl always make an awesome pairing. I love Zanes too!

Sarah Rogers

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