The cutest little pants in RBD you ever did see!

The cutest little pants in RBD you ever did see!

I'm super excited to share this pattern with you!  While I know we all love our leggings and joggers etc... those don't always seem to be the best option for diapered babies, especially cloth diapered babies.  Through the years of 3 babies I've discovered, I love a good drop crotch pant for those diaper days!  It gives extra room and comfort for them to move, crawl, walk, baby squats, all those activities babies do without falling off, cutting into their bellies, or restricting movement. I've tried a few different patterns over the years but this one is by far my favorite.  

I'm talking about the new Made for Mermaids Baby Skylar Joggers/Shorties!  This new pattern is the perfect mash of drop crotch and joggers giving all the extra room and range without the "saggy diaper" look of too low drop. It's got a bonus little back pocket option, drawstring option, and some adorable bonus hacks including side ruffles, side piping, grow with me, capri, and hemmed pant/shorts.  The best part is it's SO fast to sew!  The pattern comes in sizes newborn to 18-24 months and there is also a Youth option that is size 1/2 to 14.  It's designed for knits with more "drape" but we found it looks super awesome in Rockerbye Cotton Lycra!  You could also use Squish, Bamboo, DBP, or the New Athletic for super cute results!  

This version I made the "grow with me" hack for Sutton and love how cute they turned out!  She even squat tested it to make sure there were no restrictions ;) 

I'm swooning over this sweet little baby zombie version from Jennifer Beverly of She's a Crafty Lil Thing  She did the cutest little drawstring addition!


And we know Yellow Pandas have a special place in my heart- This pair from Synthia of S4 And a Little More is so cute!


Now, these aren't Rockerbye but the pattern comes with the cutest little shorties as well!  Sutton and Becca of Black Sheep Fabrics little sweet Caspar 

So what do you think?  Time for a pants/shorts makeover!!   Hurry and grab these patterns on sale through Sunday 1/19.  You won't regret it!  I can't wait to see all the little Rockerbye babies and kiddos rocking these so don't forget to share in the group!  

Happy Sewing and Rocking,


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