The Aphrodite Dress and Bamboo = The Perfect Marriage!

The Aphrodite Dress and Bamboo = The Perfect Marriage!

Who else is excited about this amazing Bamboo Amber is offering this time!?   Let me gush about it for a second and then I'll take you to the pattern.   Bamboo is LIFE for warm months!  It's like the summer equivalent of squish! It's crazy soft, breathable, gorgeous drape, and so vibrant!  It's perfect for flowy pants, cardigans, dresses, tops, skirts, and really anything you want some pretty drape on.   Bamboo is kind of "heavy" but light meaning it definitely has weight to it but doesn't feel like it when you are wearing.   It also doesn't have the best recovery so if you are doing any binding or bands I recommend using something with more.  I usually pair my bamboo with DBP because it's much easier to find solid DBP than bamboo solids.  The pink in my dress is DBP.  You could also use CL, a modal with good recovery, or maybe something else but I've found DBP to be the closest color match.  Also- It doesn't pill!! Move over rayon spandex, bamboo is in the house! I promise you won't regret it!   

Now on to this amazing dress pattern!   I introduce to you Rad Patterns Aphrodite Dress and Tunic!  Oh man, this beauty is packed full of options.  Now before you panic thinking you don't want to show as much of the "girls" as I did, there is a modesty panel option! So let's go through this-  Sizing runs from XXS-4X and is formatted for US letter of A4 paper. You get 5 different length options to choose from- Tunic, Mini, Knee Length (my choice), Midi, or Maxi.  You also get to chose between a straight or a high low hem.   It's perfect for nursing with or without the modesty panel with the tie in the front. I really love this dress and it's actually a much faster sew than you would think! It's sexy without showing too much and is flattering on everyone I've seen it on!

Think of all the amazing bamboo prints up for grabs here and here you could use for this dress!! I teamed up with the very generous Rad Patterns to bring you a special discount on the pattern!  Use the code "rocker" for 20% off through the 24th of July!  So hurry and get it while you can.  I can't wait to see all your sews!! 

Happy Rocking and Sewing!


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