That’s a wrap on PP7!!...

That’s a wrap on PP7!!...

Go To Post     That’s a wrap on PP7!! Your “right to buy” the leftover pouches chance is here at this link. It will only be open until midnight tonight and then I’m drawing names to ship tomorrow ASAP. Serious entries only please - If you enter - please be willing to pay, don’t enter just to see if you win... there are only 12 this time and I may be biased but it’s the best freaking pouch so far, lol also - the last 15 pouches were missing one item. It was a last minute add on and the supplier shorted me 🙄 it’s a very low cost item that was just for fun and not a part of the project but still - so I’m taking .50 off. If your name is drawn you will be invoices for $49.50 + shipping. Help keep this bumped so others have a chance to enter! Thank you!!


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