Squishy Housecoat/bathrobe  The best thing since sliced bread!

Squishy Housecoat/bathrobe The best thing since sliced bread!

Ummmm I found heaven in fabric form.   It's a Squish Bathrobe/Housecoat and literally, it's heaven.   While it's not quite the season for something so warm I wear "housecoats" year round especially while nursing.   They are a quick and easy thing to take on and off to keep me warm plus they are super cozy.   I know my husband thinks I'm super attractive in mine ;)  (okay maybe not those words but he loves me and therefore loves my housecoats).   Unfortunately, I've been stuck with the boring ones you find at the store or choosing from Joann's fleece which honestly- is not that comfy.  Until now... now I can have one in all my favorite epic Rockerbye prints!!! I suspect I'll have a different housecoat for every day of the week soon ;)  

Let's do a quick recap of what Squish is first-   It's essentially a super plush Double Brushed Poly.  Think Minky mashed with double-brushed poly.  It's squishy, crazy soft, amazingly vibrant, has stretch and cleans perfectly back to its regular colors!   I need something that cleans well with all the peanut butter hands that touch my housecoats throughout the day. There is nothing quite like it!    So for my main print I used squish and it took two yards.  I used an ultra fluffy fleece thingy I found at Joanns for my accents. 

For my pattern I used the Peekaboo Patterns Riverside Robe . It's a unisex pattern with sizing that runs from Small to XXXL.   It came together honestly so much easier than I thought it would and fit perfect.  You have options between above the knee and full length as well as cowl or hood.   The best part-   POCKETS!!! To carry your phone and binkies!  Yay!


I mean- I'm not sure what else there is to say besides order your squish, get this pattern, and make your life better?  It also makes the perfect gift!   Worried about getting enough squish for your Family to have matching robes?? Well, you can get custom printing done through Amber of any of her prints with a 5-yard minimum-  you'll just order here!  Mind you if you order squish the price will vary as it's a more expensive base.   

So there you have it!  Squishy housecoats of amazingness for all!  Retail for squish is stocking tonight at 8 pm CST here.   Don't forget to log into your Ebates too for an extra 1% back on your retail purchases!   Thanks guys!! 

Happy Sewing and Rocking!


P.S.  a little birdie told me that bamboo lycra is coming and that will make the PERFECT summer housecoat ;) <3 

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That is one BOSS housecoat!


Bamboo Lycra 😍😭😭

Your housecoat is so awesome!


Bamboo Lycra 😍😭😭

Your housecoat is so awesome!


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