South Carolina bound

South Carolina bound

South Carolina bound! We’ve been working round the clock to get ready to run away with the kids, nana and papa for a few days! I’ll be back on Thursday. G is holding down the fort while we’re gone and will be in the store as well. I got all retail out before I left and closed out the round. The reprint prints hadn’t been delivered yet but we have all those orders pulled so we can just stick in what’s missing and G is keeping an eye out for that to show up. Next up will be project pouch the week I get back! I am so excited for this one ❤ I hope you love it as much as I do! I have my computer with me so I can keep working on stuff at night. Oh! And we’re almost ready to go with our PJ set pattern! By the weekend I hope! As for the next round - what are you hoping to see? Any suggestions? Always open to hearing ideas! Store is open 1-6 today and 12-4 Sunday.

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