Sewing with a Projector

Sewing with a Projector

Interested in sewing with a projector? Its amazing! It has absolutely changed my sewing process. Much quicker, streamlined, environmentally friendly AND I love sewing even more now that I waste so much less time. 

Here is a quick video explaining the process.


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You will need to research which type of ceiling mount you need based on the style you choose as well as the distance you need from ceiling to table/floor.

And here is a list of projectors on Amazon that work great for sewing:

(These links are affiliate links)

Mounts on a ceiling:

Yaber V2 - - $99.99 ($10 off coupon right now)

I have the Vivimage 2 but it goes in and out of stock quickly.  The listing does not say it but is SHOULD be the Vivimage 2. If its not you can easily return it but the reviews verify that when it shows up its actually the Vivimage 2 not a no name brand. - $109.99

Yaber V60 - $129

TUREWELL Mini Projector - $72.99 + 20% off (at time of posting)

Mooka - $129.99 + 35% off (at time of posting)

Ultra Short Throw:

Epson Brightlink 485 wi (USED) for $330

These are harder to find and more expensive so check ebay and marketplace, too just be aware of bulb life. 

These sit on a table but have to be recalibrated often if moved. Great for people that can't or don't want to ceiling mount. 

Hope this helps! But if not and you need more assistance check out the Projector for Sewing group on facebook!

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