Sew Your Scraps with Ellie and Mac!

Sew Your Scraps with Ellie and Mac!

I know I can't be the only one out there that hoards their Rockerbye scraps right?? Like even the tiniest ones??  Well I recently sewed up the most epic running top that was perfect for all those scraps! In fact- it's even in the name of the pattern!  The Sew Scrappy Top from Ellie and Mac Patterns!

I had some of this gorgeous athletic fabric from the pre order happening right now but not quite enough for a whole top.  I found some pride grid and plain black athletic scraps hidden in my stash I knew would be perfect.   I'm in love with how it came out!!  

The Sew Scrappy Top is available in sizes XXS-6XL and is full of options!   You can choose between neckband or hood, long sleeve or short sleeve, and even the back can be color blocked.  It's designed for knits with 4 ways stretch and worked perfectly for this comfy running top I made.  I can't wait to make a hoodie from my Rockerbye scrap stash.  How many different prints do you think I can sneak into one sweatshirt?? 

Want to know the best part!??  The Sew Scrappy Top is 40% off right now through the end of November!! As well as all of Ellie and Mac Patterns!! Guess what else... Word on the street is there's a Sew Scrappy for Kids coming soon!! So keep those eyes peeled but scoop up the Adult version while you can!

Okay I lied- I've got one more best part!  Want a chance to win $20 pre order credit and a Free Sew Scrappy Top Pattern!?! (If you purchase the sew scrappy and win you can either get refunded or choose another pattern of equal or lesser value) Enter the rafflecopter below as a little thank you for all the support this year and a perk me up to 2020!  

Happy Sewing and Rocking,


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I love the tip on hemming a circle skirt it’s definitely a life saver.

Danielle Lancaster





I love the cow print, books and bees! Oh and crystal splatter


I always love your sews! I love the crystal splatter from this round.

Aslin Fanning

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