Sew some kitchen wash rags with me - sewing DIY

Sew some kitchen wash rags with me - sewing DIY

Wanna sew some little kitchen rags with me today?

I use our gauze scrap packs but you can use anything absorbent… French terry, obv, cv, old towels, etc… the scrap packs are 11x11 squares…

First, cut them out.

Gauze squares for sewing dish rash wash clothNext lay them with wrong sides together and right sides facing out…

Gauze scrap cuts for dish ragspin or clip if you so choose (I just hold them tight)

Pin the corners or your wash cloth

… and then serge all the way around. like to just round off the corners.

Juki industrial serger

Lastly just tuck or sew down your tails, and you’re done!

Finished sewing the gauze kitchen dish ragGreat for reusable and sustainable cleaning products… they wash up amazingly. Also make great gifts for family, friends, teachers, everyone!

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