Sew a Book Sleeve - Free digital sewing pattern and tutorial

Sew a Book Sleeve - Free digital sewing pattern and tutorial

Free download for our sewing pattern & tutorial can be found here.

Text Only version - Construction:

  1. First, lay out all your pieces. You will have 4 pieces of cotton, 4 pieces of interfacing & 2 pieces of your batting.


  1. Iron your interfacing on to back side of each piece of the cotton. (If you are using cotton woven, this isn’t entirely necessary)


  1. Lay one piece of your cotton with the right side facing up, the second piece right side facing down and then your batting/fleece on the top. Repeat with the other set of cotton.

*IF YOU WANT TO ADD A STRAP – do that here and sandwich it between the two cotton layers.


  1. Sew along the top of one edge. Use a 1/4'” seam allowance. Repeat on the other set.


  1. Open your pieces up. Leave one piece with right side facing up and lay the other on top with the right side facing down. Your fronts should be facing on one end and your inside will be facing on the other.
  2. Pin or clip around the edges and then sew all the way around the outside with a 1/4” seam allowance BUT leave a 3 inch opening at the bottom so you can turn it.


  1. Turn the book sleeve right-side out.


  1. Tuck the opening in at the bottom and sew it shut. You can do this with a machine or hand stitch it.
  1. Tuck the inner layer inside of the outer layer. For a more finished look, you can topstitch the top.


Congrats! You’re done! Enjoy!

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