Scrundies and Bunzies for your Rockerbye Funsies!

Scrundies and Bunzies for your Rockerbye Funsies!

Okay I know the title is a little nerdy but seriously you all need some Rockerbye Scrudies or Bunzies in your life!  I'm talking about Stich Upon a Time underwear patterns!  They are amazing and a favorite in the sewing world.  

First - Bunzies.  These are cut to show a little me "cheek"  giving you the option of super booty, booty, and full coverage for leg cuts.  You can also choose between the high rise, low rise, or a maternity cross front.   For leg and waist option you can use knit or elastic bands.  They even give you a cute booty ruching option! Sizing includes these sizes-  XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X, and 4X.    For my Rockerbye pair, I did high rise, full coverage, with picot elastic for the bands. I also really love the low rise booty cut.  I've used both knit or picot elastic and have even mixed and matched.   

I also did a simple color blocking trick for the front to add the cute mesh panels.  I simply just cut about 2.8 inches into the front panel and added seam allowance to both panels, stitched them together and sewed as normal. 


 Here is a pair of knit bands from the talented Andie Burks from Divas N Dirt Magnets LLC



And another high rise full coverage from the awesome Danielle of Homesewn Couture



 There are 4 different panty panels available this round as well as coordinates! 

These aren't Rockerbye but I wanted to give a quick example of what the booty cut low rise looks like.  I haven't made the super booty brief yet but I know it looks great on others!  As you can see the amount of coverage will vary based on if you use bands vs elastic etc.


On to Scrundlewear (Scrundies) !  These are a fuller coverage option that includes briefs and boyshorts!  They have the same size range and band option as Bunzies. They also give a cute lace trimmed/color blocked front option. I feel a little silly writing the blog because the real Scrundies hero is Jessie Lynn of Exquisitely Tangled & Twisted.   Are you prepared for all these amazing pairs!?!? The color blocked backs are her own modification.   You can see she has a huge variety of styles, uses kids panels for some of them, and even has matching pads!  I think I need them all!!

Who's ready to make some undies??

SUAT has very generously offered us a discount code for 25% off Bunzies or Scrundies!  The code is Rockerbye25 and good through 7/20 so make sure you grab them here while you can.  They are perfect for the amazing panty panels up for grabs here!  If panels aren't your thing, underwear is an amazing way to use up your Rockerbye scraps! 

Happy Sewing, Shopping, and Rocking!

-Michelle <3

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I am looking to buy from SUAT, but would like to know which pattern you recommend, Scrundies or Bunzies?

Caryn-Leigh Lombard

What a great and descriptive post! Your photos are beautiful ❤️


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