Rockerbye taking flight with Made by Jack's Mum Aviator Hat

Rockerbye taking flight with Made by Jack's Mum Aviator Hat

There is something special about an adorable hat to finish an outfit.  I know I have a weakness for a good hat!   While there are about a million types of hats out there I wanted to share a super cute favorite that is perfect for fall and winter time and all your Rockerbye!   We absolutely love Made by Jacks Mum Aviator Hat Pattern!  It's adorable and the options are endless!!  

Let's start with options-   First, it has a huge size range for just one pattern!  You get newborn- 3m month size all the way up to XL adult! *runs off to print my size*  I will say it's important to measure the head you plan on making it for before starting.  For example, my little guy has a giant head almost the same size as mine lol.   They recommend that if you are between sizes and using a thick lining to size up. I seriously can't wait to make a faux fur one for myself!

As far as fabric goes this is where it gets fun.   As long as one of your fabrics has structure you can really use anything!  A lot of us use cotton lycra or french terry for the outside with some type of faux fur, fleece, or sherpa for the lining. Though Minky would make a fabulous choice especially as it already has structure!   You could even use squish but you'd still need to use a lining.  Some people even mix and match using things like pleather accents like I did,  or just faux fur for flaps and headpiece and say fleece for the rest to make sewing a little easier.  It comes with a bonus chin strap option as well.   It's a great pattern for advanced beginners as the smaller sizes can get a little finicky.  If you are a newer seamstress it's recommended to start with a larger size to get the feel.  Can we say Mommy and me?? Yes please!   I used some pleather, faux fur, fleece senter lining, and french terry for this one! 

Here are some more amazing examples from our lovey seamstress team! I'm also planning an adult one soon so keep your eyes peeled!   

The wonderful Janelle Leah of Janelle Leah Boho Chic Designs sewed up this super cute version with freezing friends. I love her added coverstitch detail! 

We have these adorable ones from Alexis at Cotton and Grain Sewing Company.  She also had some great tips while sewing up your aviator hat!  "Don’t skip the topstitching because it helps it lay so much nicer. If you are using knit for the chin straps, make sure to interface where the snap goes. Pin your chin straps to the ear flap piece as soon as you are done sewing them because I always forget the dang things and have to seam rip lol. If using faux fur, don’t cut the fur, only the backing to reduce shedding."  Thanks for the great tips!! They aren't Rockerbye fabric but they are paired with it and adorable!  

This Lumberjack hat from Andie of Divas and Dirt Magnets LLC is absolutely the cutest thing on this planet. 

 Finally - How adorable is this one with extra buttons from Jillian of Wubby and Squish Handmade

Really the world is yours with this pattern and we can't wait to see what you create! I know I'm dying to see a zombie version!  Make it your own with cute buttons or accents!  Maybe even a fur pom on top??? or is that too much....?? ;)  Either way- Head on over to Made by Jacks Mum and pick up the pattern for 30% off through Monday the 21st!  The coupon code is automatically applied!   Don't forget to share your sews in their facebook group and ours and give a thank you!   

Happy sewing and Rocking!


P.S.  I can promise your hat will be cute but I can't promise your kid will wear it 24/7 if you have a stinker like mine ;)  ;) 


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Adorable! A match made in heaven. Rockerbye and MBJM.


Love MBJM patterns and you fabric makes perfect hats.

Betsy Wyatt

I love, love, LOVE this hat pattern! So cute!


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