Retail Reminder-  Watercolor Animals, Firefighters, and Art Kids!

Retail Reminder- Watercolor Animals, Firefighters, and Art Kids!

Another awesome retail stocking is happening Friday 10/26/18 at 8pm CST here!   It's a little bit of modge-podge from a few rounds so I wanted to show a little rundown of all our awesome strikes in one place to give you an idea what you want to score!   As you know retail goes fast so hopefully, this will help you be ready! 

First up let's talk about Firemen!  There is one main print with the buildings, 5 coordinates, and some panels. They will available on Cotton Lycra, Limited Squish, Gauze, Limited Swim, and French Terry. There is also about 100+ yards of the main firefighter print that was printed with the wrong color setting making it brighter so it doesn't match the coordinates, Be careful when checking out if you are picky about a perfect match and make sure to grab the intended color.  The brighter yardage will be noted in the listing and marked down by $1 yard. 


Loving these shirt and panty panels! 

Now the panels were added after strikes were made so you won't see any sewn but trust me they are adorable! You can search the group for pre-orders sewn up as an option.  :) So... Are you ready for all this epicness?? Here are just some of the amazing pieces our seamstresses put together! 



Next up- Watercolor Animals.  These are seriously precious!! We have it in both Blue/Green color and Pink/Purple Color.   There is just one main print and coordinate for each color along with panel sets! These prints will be up for grabs on Swim, Limited Gauze, Squish, French Terry and Cotton Lycra.  There will also be some coord/main sets and panels of the green-blue that were printed with the wrong color setting for a discounted price so if you are okay with a slightly different color be on the lookout for those to save some money!

As with the Firefighters, the panels were added after so you won't see any sewn but here are the gorgeous strikes from our seamstresses! Trust me- these fabrics are beautiful in person! 

Finally- The Art Kids round!  This was a big one!  7 prints in Cotton Lycra, Squish, Minky, French Terry, Bamboo, and Gauze. There are also panels for both kids and adults.


The color on these is seriously unbelievable!!  And finally here is the work from our Seamstresses! 

Whelp, I don't even know what else to say besides good luck!! There are so many goodies but they go so fast!  So make a plan and go for it!   A few tips-   Make sure you log into your ebates or Ibotta before shopping for extra cash back!  You can check out multiple times-  Amber is super amazing and despite it taking longer, always combines and refunds shipping!  We can't wait to see what you all score and make! Remember everything is up for grabs here!

Happy Shopping and Rocking!! 


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