Maximize your Rockerbye with the Ultimate Maxaloones

Maximize your Rockerbye with the Ultimate Maxaloones

If you've been in the sewing world awhile there is most likely no way you haven't heard of Max and Meena Patterns Maxaloones. Well, whether you have or haven't heard of them in the past, they just got a HUGE makeover and we are so excited to share!   What is a Maxaloone? Essentially they are super adorable grow with me pants that are awesome for fluffy (cloth diaper) bums as well as non-fluffy bums!   

Maxaloones are the original circle bum pants I know you've seen floating around and are so cute!  They now come in sizes Bittyloones (preemie), Squishiloones (NB-3 months), Miniloones (3 months to 12 months), Maxaloones (6 months-3 years), Monsterloones (2 years to 6 years), and Megaloones (6 years to 9 years).   Wholly size range Batman and all in one pattern!  Talk about making your Rockerbye last!!   As always you can choose to do the pants with the bum circle or without but now we also have the peekaboo bum option to show off all those adorable fluffy diapers!! You can also choose a shortiloones (shorts) option for all the sizes as well.

Some other new options include pockets, Horray pockets!  You can choose from patch pockets, inseam pockets, traditional pockets, or a kangaroo pocket.  They've even added some adorable ears, spikes, wings, and horn appliques for the bum circles or legs. Of course, you can always play around and use your imagination for something awesome and different as well.  Maxaloones are the perfect base to jump off of and let your creativity fly.  Let's check out some Rockerbye inspiration!  

My Nephew asked for "soft pants" and well- Auntie had to deliver with matching Squish pants for him and baby sister!  Bonus they can both wear them for years to come and match!  He said they are his favorite ever and soft like a cat! ;)  Their momma did such a good job photographing these cuties for me!

I can't hardly handle the cuteness of these pairs by the wonderful Andie of Divas N Dirt Magnets  That baseball bum and the cutie in the pants give me all the heart eyes!! 

The creativity of Annie from Oh Sew Ophelia for this pair, which is also a fabric up for pre-order right now, seriously blew my mind! How cool is it she turned the bum circle into a planet!?! 

The amazing Claire Steffen of Rainy Bear Threads Group made this awesome Zombie and ABC Skull Pair with a kangaroo pocket as well as the featured image!  

Finally, while it was the original Maxaloone pattern and not Rockerbye, I went a little out of the box for Emerson's coming home outfit and made a sunshine bum!! So don't be afraid to push your creative limits for these amazing pants! 

Now, who's ready to sew up some Maxaloones and make their precious Rockerbye fabrics last a little longer from those fast-growing kiddos!? Jamie the owner and designer at Max and Meena is always super generous and amazing and offering us 30% off all patterns from now until Monday with the code gobble18 at checkout!  She's also offered a free pattern to one lucky winner- just enter the raffle copter giveaway below!  Thank you, Jamie, and thank you for the amazing pattern!  Support a small business this holiday weekend and grab your pattern. Make sure you visit Max and Meena's facebook page and share all your sewn up pairs as well as on ours!  We can't wait to see what you make!  

 Happy Sewing and Rocking!


Oh... big P.S....  in case you missed it, Amber is offering some amazing deals over this holiday weekend for you all!  Check out Etsy Here ( you might even find some Max and Meena swag in your orders!)  for 30% off retail and 10% off tumblers and get your pre-orders in here-  Don't forget to add your free sticker or cut file! 


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Love these leggings! I got to get the pattern!


Super cute .


Those are so cute.

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