Max & Meena Patterns - ready to rock!

Max & Meena Patterns - ready to rock!

If you missed the news, we are helping out our long time friend Jamie from Max & Meena patterns. I will now be hosting all of the M&M patterns on my site - here at from now on. If you need any of your old patterns resent from her website just let me know and I can send over new download links for you. Please keep those downloads in a safe space as it is very time consuming to send them so we hope to only have to do them once. Thank you!
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I would appreciate it if you could sent me my files.

Teresa Kirkpatrick

Hello! I am looking for some files I purchased in the past. Mainly for the Alexa Cardigan, Eliana Romper and the Parachute Pants. Thank you!

Melissa Kaminski

Please send my files. Thanks!!!

Rebecca Kueterman

Could you please send my my files i had 3

Dana Hailes

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