Logger Love in Rockerbye

Logger Love in Rockerbye

So let's be honest.... I'm all about a comfy pant especially since stepping into my role as a WAHM/SAHM.   I used to be all about the leggings and then I turned to a jogger phase especially during my pregnancy.  Well, guess what-  They just came together and had a baby and it's the best thing ever!  Introducing the new Patterns for Pirates Loggers

They are the perfect blend between the two- the fit and look of leggings with the comfort and ease of joggers.  The size range is huge from 3 months old to Womens Plus 3X. Perfect to Mommy and Me it with your littles of any size! As far as options go you can choose between ankle length or shorties, high or low rise, short or tall/yoga waistband, and a patch pocket or drawstring option.   The best part is they can go from totally comfy house pants, to the gym, or even out to dinner depending on your fabric choice.  Common fabric choices are DBP, Cotton Lycra, Athletic Fabrics, Swim, and they even work in Squish! 

I decided to cut into some precious galaxy grids DBP for my matching mommy and me pair.  I used the low rise with a short waistband and a drawstring for my pair and the low rise with yoga waistband for baby girl.  Oh man, these are not only gorgeous but so comfy!

I also whipped up a pair from Cotton Lycra with the grow with my hack that's available on the Patterns for Pirates blog for Sutton and they turned out equally as cute plus she'll be able to wear them longer! Make sure you check out the other fun hacks available including swim hack, Capri hack, and more.  

Finally, a quick peek at what they look like in Squish type fabric.  (Not Rockerbye obviously but I wanted to show what they look like) 

If I haven't sold you yet - go ahead and join the Patterns for Pirates group and check out their albums to see all the different testers versions!  Make sure you grab the pattern while it's on sale until March 17th.  You can either buy the individual patterns or bundle of the mommy and girls (also works for little boys).    I can't wait to hear what you all think about these and see all your Rockerbye Loggers come to life so don't forget to share in the group! 

Happy Sewing and Rocking


P.S.  Stay tuned for the reprint round so you can grab all your favorite prints starting in just a few days here

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They look great! will have to give this a try!


Wow love these. Just have a two weeks old baby. I might give these a try!

Sophie carignan

Did you feel like you should size up for squish or was it alright? Im thinking I need Zombie Squish Loggers. Thanks!

Libby Raffety

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