Keeping your bowls cozy and hands happy with RBD!

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Keeping your bowls cozy and hands happy with RBD!

The seasons are a changing which means more hot foods coming our way. I know when the mornings start getting crisp I get the urge to bust out the good old crockpot or new old instapot and make up some hearty warm dinners.... or lets be honest... cook up some Top Ramen.   Either way- Yummy for my tummy but my poor little hands with all these hot bowls! Well fear no more my friends.  I've got a FREE pattern to cure all your hot hand woes!   Introducing Made for Mermaids Free Bowl Cozy!!  

What is a bowl cozy you ask??  Well it works in two ways. If you need to microwave something you'll put your bowl inside your bowl cozy prior to microwaving, add your food, microwave, and grab your food without worries of burning your fingers!  The bowl cozy protects your hands from the heat!  Or if you have a hot meal you are serving- add your food to the bowl inside the cozy without fear of it getting too hot. 

This fun bowl cozy pattern comes with two options- a square or a circle shape and is very quick to sew!  All you need is 100% cotton fabric- perfect for our Pre-Order happening now, 100% cotton thread, and some microwaveable batting and you are good to go. You'll download the free pattern, then follow their online tutorial, and you'll be in business.

I'll be honest- I made these last Christmas as gifts for family (including two college kids) and I was afraid it was going to be one of those "homemade" gifts that just gets tossed to the side. I was so wrong! This has been my most loved gift especially by the college kids! In fact it's one of the only things they brought home from college. Winning!! 

So with the holidays coming up do yourself and your loved ones a favor and sew them up some epic Rockerbye bowl cozys!  You won't regret it.  Make sure you stock up on your wovens as well. 

Happy Sewing and Rocking



  • Stephany

    Oh I can’t wait to make mine! These are great! The fabric makes them!

  • Brittnee Dominguez

    My son would LOVE this. Perfect for ramen!

  • Sheena Brennan-Wieler

    I’m making this for daycare teacher gifts this year. Thank you!!

  • janelle b

    Kept getting an error when trying to ‘purchase’… oh, that’s cuz I already had the pattern. Super excited to finally put it to use!! =P

  • Julie Carter

    These are great for keeping your hands warm while eating ice cream out of your bowl!

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