Juniper and Pepper are about to Spice up your Sewing!

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Juniper and Pepper are about to Spice up your Sewing!

Phew!  It's been awhile since you've heard from me friends!  We all know 2020 has been a rough year for well... anything.  Add in a move that seemed to consume my life for a few months and it seems like I went months without sewing!  Well, I'm back and super excited to share this double feature!!  Do you ever feel like two patterns are just made for each other??  Well while these two technically weren't- they go together like peanut butter and jelly.  The new Made for Mermaids Juniper Jumper Pattern and Pepper Puff Sleeve Pattern!

Let's start with the Juniper Jumper!   This sweet pattern is such a perfect pattern staple and a classic jumper never goes out of style. It's designed for knits and is perfect for Rockerbye cotton lycra, french terry, squish, or even athletic.  Sizing is available in baby, youth, and women's!  The baby and youth sizes have a basic jumper, gathered skirt, gathered tulle skirt, circle skirt, and circle skirt with ruffle. (obviously these aren't all Rockerbye but I wanted to show all the options!) It also has the cutest patch pocket options as well as shoulder ties! 


The women's has your basic jumper, gathered skirt, and half circle skirt.  

What I love about the jumper is that it's basically all season. You can pair it with tights and a long sleeves winter, or throw it over a tank top or even a swim cover up for summer and everything in-between.   It's also a really really reallllly fast sew!! (unless you are adding the ruffle- that'll take an extra minute but still really fast ;) )

Now of course you need a cute top to go with your Juniper or even just a cute new top because who doesn't need one! Insert the adorable Pepper!  I've absolutely fallen in love with this pattern.  The puff sleeve just adds the best touch to take a regular tee to super cute.   It's also available in baby, youth, and women's.   It's full of options from short sleeve, half sleeve, long sleeve with a short cuff, and long sleeve with a long cuff. There's three necklines including scoop, boat, and mock turtle neck and you can choose between banded or slim fit hem for the bottom.  It works with so many types of fabric and would be perfect for Rockerbye cotton lycra, bamboo (for a more draped version), or even athletic!

I'm in love with adorable one I made for Sutton out of cotton lycra form the awesome pre-order happening now!- it's a touch bigger on her than intended as I sized her up one (I made her a slew of clothes lately so I wanted a few pieces to save for a couple months from now ;))   This is the half sleeve slim fit top. 

Obviously it's adorable on it's on and will be my new go to for tee shirts for Sutton and I! But how cute are these version paired with Juniper!?!  

See!?! Match made in heaven!   Now who's ready to sew!?!   Well I've got some good news-  while the Juniper is not currently on sale, the Pepper is until 11/16 so you get to save some extra when you grab both of them!  Even better- I'm giving away the opportunity to win a copy of both of the patterns!! (you get to choose which version!)  Just enter the raffle copter below!  Also- how amazing were those crystals?? Make sure you grab your pre-order prints! Open until 11/29!

Happy sewing and rocking,


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  • Carole

    I’d love to make the juniper for my 3-year old niece. It is a truly cute, all-season wear!

  • Heather

    I would love to sew this jumper for myself! Heck, even the little puff sleeve tee would make a great “pro” top to wear when I have Zoom meetings in my jammies!

  • Wendy

    Love it!! I would sew the juniper first for my little girl!!

  • Lori

    Cutest model ever!!!!! I wish I had a little to sew this for!

  • Ida

    Love the Juniper, and looove Sutton! <3

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