Juneteenth Handmade Auction

Juneteenth Handmade Auction

Hey friends! The annual Juneteenth Handmade Auction starts today! There are soooo many amazing items up for grabs and 100% of the proceeds are donated to organizations that uplift marginalized folx. Please ensure you answer the two questions when requesting to join.
Here is just a small sampling of what will be available Friday & Saturday AND there is a raffle! 
I spy lots of RockerBye as well as so many other great fabrics & designers! There is so much more than what you see here. When you're done don't forget to stop by and get your preorder in! Halloween closes up on Sunday. 
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Such great items in this auction there’s so much talent in these homemade items!!

Megan Thomas

So many amazing items so much talent out there ❤️

Sheri Cromwell

Yay! Super excited to check it out!

Jessica Toliver

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