It's that time of year again-  Make Nine Challenge!

It's that time of year again- Make Nine Challenge!

Can you believe how fast that year went by!?  If you've been reading that long you'll probably remember the Instagram Make Nine Challenge we set for ourselves.   If you are new here-  Basically, you choose 9 things (sewing or craft related) that have been on your "to try someday" list and put them on your goals for the year.  It's a very low key way to bring to light some important projects with very little pressure attached. So let's check-in, shall we?  How did you do?

Here is my make nine from last year-

1. Sew Stuffies-  I actually made 2 barnacle dolls and a little stuffed kitty.

2. Make a raincoat from that softshell-  well I made raincoat but not from that softshell.

3. Draft my own pattern.  When I made this one - I intended it to be a one-time use/only for me kind of wing it thing.  Well-  I kind of did this just in a different' way. I'll explain more in my 2020 make nine.


4. A bag-  I actually made quite a few bags and love it! 

5. Button and Buttonholes-  I succeded on half of this- I figured out how to use my button foot on my sewing machine! woohoo!! 

6. A chiffon dress- Didn't get this one finished yet!

7.  Tulle!  I still have a long way to go but I used tulle for real for the first time!

8.  Epic coat-  did not complete that yet

9. Lingerie-  Well honestly still coming off having a baby I never really felt the urge yet- maybe next year ;)

So not perfect but I'll take it.   I tried to be kind to myself this year as my goals, sewing life, personal life all seemed to continually shift.  I feel like I'm consistently evolving and changing and what's important to me is doing the same.  So while I love this challenge I try to keep it a light fun thing to help me push my boundaries!   

So for this year-  Here is mine.

1. Draft a PDF Sewing Pattern from scratch- Some of you know I took a job with a pattern company a few months ago and am learning to draft patterns- yay! While I obviously still love and support my favorite pattern designers it's been a fun new venture.  This year I want to draft something completely on my own!

2. Stuffies-  I made some fun stuffies last year but this year- I wanna go big with something epic!

3.  Speedwell Backpack-  I've had this on my list for awhile so hoping this year I can make an epic one!

4.   Cellphone/wallet holder thing-  Well.... I just need one so I wanna make an awesome one!

5.  The final step of my button ventures-  actual functioning buttons- the holes, and the buttons that work together- not just one or the other.

6.  The Jordis-  I've made this pattern before and while it's the coolest ever it almost killed me... so naturally I want to tackle it again??

7.  Videos-   I enjoy doing videos whether live, recorded, sped-up videos of my sewing etc, etc- I'd just like to add more of that content to my stuff.

8.  Organize-  I need to reclaim my garage by keeping up with my mess as I go.

9.  Sew my stash (except Rockerbye of course)   I have a lot of fabric.  While a lot needs to destash (old business stuff) the rest I want to sew.  So-  whether it be sewing that coveted print as a gift instead of hoarding it, using it for home items, clothes, anything- my goal is to use what I have the majority of the time! 

(10- visit Amber in MN and help pack orders <----fabric related) 

And there you have it!  I have other goals for myself of course but this is my "Make 9" for the year - Yes I know some are actually "making" things but it's what works for me.  So-  what's on your challenge?  It could be 9 patterns you've haven't sewn but purchased that you want to knock out, trying something new, conquering snaps, really whatever your heart desires we want to hear it and help you along your journey!  

What better way to help start the sewing fun than new fabric!?  We have a $25 retail credit to giveaway to one lucky reader!  Just post your make 9 goals either here in the blog comments or on our Facebook post and enter the raffle copter below. Did you do the Make 9 Challenge last year?  Let us know how you did for a bonus entry!  I can't wait to see all your goals!

Happy Sewing and Rocking,


P.S.  If you decide to do the actual make nine challenge don't forget to use the hashtag #2020makenine when posting! 

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I haven’t participated in this before, but this seems like a smart idea!!! Mine: 1 make a bra, 2 make a purse, 3 make a dress, 4 make something for me, 5 get organized better 6 buy a pattern from each pattern group I’m in (I counted today and I think it’s something like 58 groups), 7 learn the types of fabric, 8 finish the cardigan I promised my daughter, and 9 make that super awesome jacket pattern that I bought

Amber k English

Love this idea! I think I might need to do this!

Alicia Cecil

I’ve seen this challenge posted by a lot of people, but never actually set myself such goals! Good for you!


looks like fun and good ideas! I’ll have to do some!

jamie manar

I love this!! I love that there is a goal, but it isn’t devastated or some critical self reflection that you didn’t do everything or meet all nine exactly how you set out. Thank you for this idea! I will participate in #2020makenine.

Kay C

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