It's always Cardigan Season!

It's always Cardigan Season!

I know we are moving into the typical cardigan season which, I don't know about you but I'm super excited for,  I wanted to feature my favorite cardigan pattern!    Especially with the upcoming Holiday round (that will be available here starting 9/1) I figured it was perfect timing. The best part about this cardigan though- is it's really great for ALL seasons.

So,  are you ready for some serious snuggle factor!?   Today I'm featuring Patterns for Pirates Cocoon Cardigan.   This is my most sewn cardigan by far. I love it for its variety and pure comfiness! 

The cocoon cardigan is a circular dolman sleeve shape that is slouchy through the waist (perfect to hide the big holiday dinners :P) and skimming the bust and hips and a slimmer sleeve.  It's available in sizes XXS-3X and comes with either a crop length or a tunic length option as well as short, 3/5 length, and long sleeve (either hemmed or banded).   The band that goes around the cardigan can be made with either short bands or tall bands (I actually go between the two with 11-inch bands).  You also have the patch or inseam pocket option because everyone needs pockets!  I definitely recommend using a fabric that has drape. So either Rockerbye squish, bamboo, or DBP.  I have been successful using cotton lycra for the main body and something like rayon french terry for the bands though.

My first example is the Cocoon cardigan in squish... I mean... how many Christmas squish cardigans are too many!?  Because I think I need it in every print.  Obviously, this isn't a Christmas print but I wanted to show you want a squish cardigan look liked to give you yet another awesome option for your squish! This is long sleeve option with 11-inch bands in my normal size. I forgot my pockets (baby brain) but will go back and put them in the inseam soon.   It's like wearing my squishy robe- without the look of a robe so I can more acceptably take in public!  WINNNING.  Leggings, boots, Holiday Cardi here I come!  

Now, I haven't had the chance to use my Rockerbye for these other fabric bases but I wanted to show you how different this cardigan looks by the base.   If you live in a warmer climate you arent' really going to need a squish cardi- well I mean you NEED one but you might want something cooler- or for those weird hot/cold fall days bamboo would be a perfect base! It'd also be wonderful in the short sleeve version for summertime wear!   So here is a long sleeve version out of bamboo.   It looks totally different than the squish one but still amazing am I right??  I did the same details on this as my squish cardi I just wouldn't recommend a pocket out of this fabric really as all our phones are huge now and too heavy. 

So I know some of you are dead set on cotton lycra and that's okay! Like I said,  you can do it but I'd recommend a drapey base for the bands.   Here is a cotton lycra one I made with drapey french terry bands.   

Finally a few other examples -  one of DBP from a client of mine (who gave me permission to share her photo)  and one out of a sweater knit! 

The options are really endless here and it can cover you for all seasons!  A little tip I'd recommend when doing the bands- I actually take a little less seam allowance when sewing them together making them a tad longer so I'm not having to stretch them much at all when sewing together. Also- after sewing on your bands- top sitch and then give them a good press to get out extra waviness!  

I hope you all are as excited as I and I can't wait to see all your Rockerbye Cardigans! Thanks for reading!

Happy Sewing and Rocking! 

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Love how these turned out, can’t wait to try it myself!

Marcela Torres

These cardigans all look so comfortable! Beautiful work everyone!


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