It's a Fusselfreies Rockerbye kind of day!

It's a Fusselfreies Rockerbye kind of day!

If you haven't seen this rounds pre-order you are missing out! I used my germs, blank panel, and vertical stripes for this sew and I can hardly contain my excitement to feature this designer!  She has some of my favorite patterns and makes super cool color blocking a breeze!  Perfect for beginners who want to dip their toes into the trendy color-blocked designs.  Introducing Fusselfreies,  an awesome German pattern designer.  Today I'm featuring the Fuzzle specifically but she has a quite a few other amazing patterns available as well. 

 A few things to mention, she is a German designer so you'll need to print on A4 paper format or you can use Legal Paper and just trim some off. The instructions are in German as well but they are very straight forward and you could honestly sew it without ever looking at them if you've been sewing awhile. Otherwise, google translate is a perfect help!  There is also an awesome facebook group called International Knit Sew-a-longs that's very helpful you can check out if you get stuck.  One last thing that's important to remember is you will need to add seam allowance to the entire pattern including what you color block. This is very common with international patterns.  I usually wing a 1/4 inch seam allowance while cutting with my rotary but I've also heard of people using a chisel tip highlighter (which happens to be exactly a 1/4inch) and tracing along their chosen size prior to cutting out the pattern.  Whichever you decide just don't forget! ;) I've been there a few times and it's quite the dangit moment. 

Now on to the Fuzzle-  This is a top that is absolutely packed with color blocking options.  Perfect for all the amazing RBD coordinates!  There are up to 9 color blocked pieces on the front alone that you can choose absolutely any combination.  The possibilities are endless!  It's drafted as a long sleeve top but I made mine sleeveless simply by adding bands. The sleeves have multiple options for color blocking as well as the hood or cowl. A simple neckband is another option if you aren't a hood person.  For some added detail, I chose to reverse coverstitch my seam allowances down but you can choose to simply topstitch or do nothing! Like I said- the possibilities with this pattern are endless to make it unique to you. The sizing for the Fuzzle is 86- 152 which in US sizing roughly translates to 24m to size 14 but always check the size charts to the measurements of the kiddo you'll be sewing for. 

Can we take a quick pause to admire the amazingness of these prints!?  These colors are incredible and I'm in love with the new blank panel option to make your own fun as well as the added grids to help cover up messy kid stains!

Here is some more inspiration with this gorgeous Fuzzle and Fizzle (the pants) from Dani Edge. You can see she chose different color blocking options than I. 

I love these RBD grids Brianna Karle of Karle's Kreations used for this Fuzzle. 

Finally- How cute is this space version from Bethany of Bethany Threads ? She also made hers it into a tank version. 

The world is yours and I absolutely cannot wait to see all of your creations with Rockerbye Fabric!! Fusslefreies is incredibly generous and is offering us 30% off all her patterns through that link (minus her new release) which includes the Fizzle Pants (as you saw), the MiniMe, TeenieMe, LadyMe, and MisterMe.  Use the code ROCKER30 at checkout.  The Code is valid until May 12th so hurry over!  

Don't forget to share your creations in our facebook group! Also, Pre Order for this awesome round ends May 17th so check out all the pretties and plan out your next Fuzzle or two!

Happy Sewing and Rocking,


P.S.- I'm hoping you all get the Cooties=Germs play on words ;) 

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would love to learn how to sew like this :)

Carol A Leary

Love the pattern and fun fabrics!!

Trudy Jackson

I absolutely love this! Def going to give it a shot for my kiddos!


Love them all, seems like such a fun pattern and the fabric choices are perfect

Linda Christianson

I would love to have the confidence to try this!


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