It's a Cardigan but thanks for noticing!

It's a Cardigan but thanks for noticing!

The seasons are a changing which means it's time to bust out those cardigans, boots, leggings, pumpkin everything, Christmas lights, and whatever else your heart desires when the weather changes!   Honestly, I loveeee fall and winter sewing.  Not sure what it is but it's just so much fun!  Add in Rockerbye to your fall and winter sewing and it really doesn't get much better.  Since it's that time of year I wanted to bring you all a fantastic cardigan pattern for your Rockerbye pretties!  Of course, I timed it perfectly with the Holiday pre-order happening here.   So without further a due- I present to you, The Quiet Things Cardigan from Rad Patterns!   Whoohoo!!

The Quiet things Cardigan comes in both Kids and Women's sizing.   I didn't have time to sew up a women's for you but you better believe I'll be making a matching one when my pre-order comes in! Now let's go over the kid's version first.  The sizing ranges from Newborn to 12 years giving you years of sewing potential!  I actually sized up so the boys could wear these two years in a row. It's a trimmer fit pattern for a more traditional silhouette and you can use buttons, snaps, or even skip them all together for an open sitting cardigan.   The pattern is designed for knits with at least 30% stretch so Rockerbye Cotton Lycra, French Terry, DBP, or Squish would all be great options!  I tend to dread these style cardigans but Rad Patterns made it super easy, quick, and oh so cute! I can't wait to make some more. Can you imagine how cute a little penguin version would be?? Or one out of our Rockerbye Halloween fabric- or heck even any coordinate would be perfection!! #SewAllTheCardigans 

As for the Women's Pattern, you have a size range of XXS to 4X with all the same options as the kid's version.  Take a look here for some samples of how pretty the women's version is.  I love how different it can look with or without buttons! 

(Little amazing tip- you can actually buy interfacing in strips so you don't have to cut them! So nice!!)

Rad Patterns is so amazing and has offered us a discount code again! How kind is that??  You have three options you can choose from-  The Kids Pattern, The Women's Pattern, or the Bundle option and Rad Patterns has offered us 20% off any of them using the code rockerQT at checkout.  So head on over and scoop up these patterns and get to sewing! Don't forget to share your sews in the Rockerbye Facebook Group and the Rad Patterns Facebook Group.   We can't wait to see!

Thanks for reading!  Happy Sewing and Rocking!


P.S.  If you are wondering out the bow ties- stay tuned for the next blog! ;) 

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Those two boys are just adorable and I love the cardigan and bow ties.

Janee Lowe

Cute cardigan!


Thank you for your ever helpful blogs! I can’t wait to make some of these!


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