It's a Biker and Your Choice MW Party!

It's a Biker and Your Choice MW Party!

I think you all are really going to love this one!  I know a lot of you already do, but today I'm featuring MW Patterns Your Choice Sweatshirt as well as the Biker Coverall and Biker Jacket.  I swear these patterns were made for Rockerbye with their modern edgy feel!  I'm sure you've seen them floating around our facebook page and if you haven't snagged them up now is your chance! 

First, let me say that MW is a Swedish Pattern maker but has converted the majority of her patterns to be in both English and Swedish.  She has also adjusted them so you don't have to worry about printing on special paper but can just print on your standard size! You'll still need to adjust your sizing from European to US but you can simply do that by using her measurement chart and measuring in centimeters rather than inches. Now on to the patterns!

Let's start with the Your Choice. This comes in both Child and Women's sizes and gives you the option of 3 different necklines.  You can choose from the biker Collar, the Shawl Neck, and the Roll Neck. It's perfect for fabrics like cotton lycra, french terry, you could even use squish but it might get a tad bulky (but super comfy)  The your choice is a more fitted sweatshirt so if you are wanting something less form fitting I recommend sizing up.  She does state this in the baby sizing so just a heads up if you are making small baby size-  " If you're going to sew a baby size, I recommend that you use thin fabric with a lot of stretch, otherwise it might be hard to get over the baby's head!"  Make sure you are choosing the US option when purchasing the women's Your Choice if you are a US sewist. :)   The Your Choice is a great place to start if you aren't comfortable with zippers to get the hang of these patterns.  

Alexis of Cotton and Grain Sewing Company made this adorable roll neck collar  Your Choice with free pocket addon out of the pre-order happening right now.  She added some of her own flair of course but it's probably the cutest thing ever!


Some more pre-order amazingness by Annie of Oh Sew Ophelia doing the Biker Collar version in Space Santas! 

A few more Biker Collar Versions from the amazing Janelle of Janelle Leah Boho Chic Designs  


and a gorgeous women's version- 

How stunning is Becca of Eutsler's Haberdashery in this women's Your Choice Biker Collar???

I love the panel addition on this children and women's biker collar version from Milena Moscoso-  Check out her instagram for more MW sews.

Now, this isn't Rockerbye but I wanted to show you an example of the Shawl Collar version sewed up. 

Finally, another adorable biker version modified to be sleeveless from the awesome Torey of Ovilanche Clothing!

Phew!  That was a whole lot of awesomeness!

Now for the Biker Jacket - This pattern comes in Child, Women's, and Men's!! Unfortunately, I don't have any sewn examples of the bike Jacket for Kids or men but it's essentially the same as the adults.  It's basically like the My Choice Biker Collar just with an added zipper and it's a looser fit overall. Pro tip- when you are making the zippered versions make sure you use interfacing along all places the zipper will be. It'll make your life much easier and give you a nice clean straight zipper! 

I had the new amazing Grunge Coordinate in french terry and I knew it needed to be this! I decided to omit the arms to make it into a vest version. I simply left the arms off and added a small band- Now I can wear it sleeveless or with a long sleeve underneath for two different looks.  It can also be worn zipped all the way up or partially down.  It fit easily over my bump too!  Here are some photos and a few extra close-ups of the amazing grunge up for pre-order

Here are two non rockerbye versions I made with sleeves to show you how it looks- also without a belly :P 


Now for the Coverall!  This is honestly probably my favorite.  Little kids just look so darn cute in it!  You'll for sure have to check out her page for more examples of babies in it but here is my little guy. I made a size up for him so he could wear it longer but he still looked adorable! 

and check out these adorable ones from the talented Milena Moscoso again!


I'm assuming by now you have been convinced you need these patterns so let's get to the good stuff!   MW is amazing and has offered us 25% off all patterns!  Yep, you heard it- ALL patterns!  You can get the discount by clicking this link or by using the code "AMAZINGMICHELLE" <--- the owner is adorable ;).  The discount is good for 2 weeks so take advantage and enjoy!  We can't wait to see all your amazing sews! Make sure you share in our Rockerbye Group and the MW group

Finally- The holiday and fall pre-order is coming to a close super fast! 9/22 at 11:59 CST so hurry and get those orders in here

Thanks for reading as always! Happy Sewing and Rocking!


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I’ve been deliberating on getting this pattern for a while- and these versions are so cute, I have to now! Thanks for the coupon!!


I love all of these!


Amazing as always!


These are all amazing examples! I have the sweatshirt, and the jacket already. I’ve been wanting the coverall, this is a great time to get it. I’m going to try and add pockets to my jacket. 🙂


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