Guest Blog by Crazed Creationz Cloth - Sew a Pad Tutorial!

Guest Blog by Crazed Creationz Cloth - Sew a Pad Tutorial!

Sew a Serged Cloth Pad Tutorial by Crazed Creationz Cloth 

Gather All of your supplies. There are MANY different types of fabrics you can use for cloth pads, I will just show you my preferences. Here I am using Cotton Lycra from Rockerbye Destash, Heavy Organic Bamboo Fleece from Nature’s Fabrics, and Antipill Fleece from Joanns. You’ll also need a cloth pad pattern, my go to is the curvy classic from The Happy Hippos <3 . I will also be using pattern weights, clips, pins, and a marker. 

Assemble your pattern template, I use chopping mats from the Dollar Tree to help me get the perfect placement on each of my pads. Lay your template down on your fabric. I use my pattern weights to hold the template down.

Trace around your template. You can do this with any fabric marking pen/pencil, washable or permanent marker. 

Now do the same with your core pattern piece :)

Cut out both pattern pieces leaving about ½” around the outside.

Lay your core piece on top of your absorbent material. 

Cut around your core piece, you will now have your topper of your core layered on top of your absorbant layer.

Clip both layers together. 

Serge the 2 together. I like starting at the bottom of the curves.

You will want to cut on the line that you traced out.

Center your serged core piece on top of the main topper fabric & pin into place.

Head over to your sewing machine and stitch the core to the topper. I like to stitch right on the edge of my core.

Remove the pins & celebrate, we are almost done <3

Place your topper WST on top of your backing material. Here I am using Antipill fleece.

Cut around the whole pattern so you now have your topper layered on top of your backer.

You will serge these layers together exactly like you serged the core topper to the absorbent layer.

Add some snaps (I only use Kam Snaps) & enjoy your new pad! Making exposed core pads are a great way to feature 2 amazing prints together!!!

Head over to Crazed Creationz Cloth facebook page to see more of my work & to learn more about cloth pads & how to care for them! 
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Great tutorial……you make it look easy!

Lori S

Great tutorial – looking forward to making my own pads!!

janelle b

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