Going Rockerbye Rogue!

Going Rockerbye Rogue!

Today it's time to show your feet some love!  After all, they literally carry you around all and get neglected!   Don't you think they deserve some Rockerbye too??? We are featuring The Wolf and Tree Patterns Going Rogue Socks for Men and Women!  As well as their Trailblazer socks for kids! 

Let's talk about Going Rogue! These socks are jampacked with options  They are made for both Men and Women and will take you from women's sizes 0-32 and men's size 8-17.  They even give you a "wide" option!!   You can choose from mini-crew, crew, knee high, bobby socks, leg warmers, or thigh high!    You can also choose between elastic cuffs, cuff bands, or trim for cuffs!   There are french seam options and an optional heel!  For fabric choice, you can use any knit that has 25% stretch!   Anything from squishy warm socks to cool bamboo.  Talk about options!!  You can dress these up to be fancy or keep them casual and comfy.  Such a quick and easy sew and a great scrap buster! You'll want socks in every print!  Check out our fun examples!

First up-  Squish socks... yes it's possible and yes it's heaven for your toes!! I used the elastic band crew sock for this pair.  (mine are shortened just a bit) You get a tad extra bulk when your ankles are bent but it's not uncomfortable at all just purely aesthetic! 


Here is another crew pair I made but with cotton Lycra for the main and bands

Finally, this gorgeous knee-high pair in cotton lycra from our lovely seamstress Quilenthia (Check out her instagram here) ! 

I've also made them for men in DBP.   French terry would be another great option as well as bamboo!!  I can't wait to see what you all come up with! I think Zombie socks are a must for my next because #zombieeverything!

Next, let's chat about the Kids Trailblazer Socks. They have all of the same options as the adult version just made for kids sizes newborn to 14years.  Oh my goodness tiny baby socks!? Yes, please!  Here are some examples. 

How cute are these legwarmers made by Quilenthia for her little cutie!?

 A pair of epic Ninja Crew socks from Billie of Sun-Kissed & Sandy Handmade

And this ridiculously cute baseball pair of over the knee socks from Weatherly of Love and Lilies Designs

The Wolf and Tree Patterns also have some awesome dress sock and no show sock patterns available.  Now, who's ready to make some socks!??  Such a great gift idea too!  The Wolf and Tree and generously offered an amazing discount of 45% off the Going Rogue pattern!!  Just use the code "GoingRogue" at checkout!   Don't forget to grab your kiddos trailblazer socks while you are there!   Make sure you share your sews in our facebook group as well as The Wolf and Tree's

Happy Sewing and Rocking




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Well now I know what i’ll Be making with my leftover scraps!

Jennifer frank-lopez

Love these. I need to make a gang of them but no show for now!


Socks are on my list of things to make!

Kimberly Culley

I love them, awesome family socks! who needs slippers now!

Linda Chretien

Yes!!! Socks for the win!


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