Elliedactyl Patterns is taking the Projector Leap!

Elliedactyl Patterns is taking the Projector Leap!

We are so excited!! Elliedactyl patterns is one of us Rockerbye Strike off Sewist favorite pattern companies and with the swing towards eco-friendly projector sewing we are thrilled to see them make the jump into projector friendly patterns.   You all know the Reid pattern I featured a few months back!  Jam-packed with options and a huge size range.  Well, Annelise the super sweet owner sent it to me to test out on my projector and it sewed together seamlessly! How adorable did it turn out in these squish bees from the Pre-Order happening here.  (Don't worry I sized him up a bit for longer wear - my projector settings were right ;) )

Now, what's different about a projector friendly pattern from your standard PDF?  Well, first standard PDFs aren't projector friendly at all unless your pieces don't require multiple pages- even then they aren't super friendly.  So above all else, a Layered A0 file is the most important!   So she's added all of those but has gone the extra mile for us projector sewists.   Elliedactyl A0 patterns will all have bigger font for easier reading when possible, thicker lines to make it easier to see where you are cutting, all pieces the same way for grainline, 1inch and 5cm squares placed in all the corners and near pieces, no pieces crossing over multiple A0 pages, and finally my favorite, a 1 inch and 5-inch grid layer that you can turn on and off to check to make sure your projector is calibrated correctly before you start cutting. *Insert mind blown gif here*  So exciting right!?  Look how amazing it looks on my Bo-Maker projector!  If you missed my projector blog on different types of projectors and setups check it out here.  You can see a fun time-lapse of me cutting below! 

We all know Elliedactyl is known for their AWESOME color blocking but I used to get confused sometimes on which pieces to print or would always lose one piece and need to reprint so having it all laid out on the projector in front of me so I could see the whole pattern piece and where the color blocking went made it SO easy. Easier to visualize, decide what style I wanted to cut on the fly, such a huge difference.  So if you are thinking of jumping into the projector route here is just another bonus on why!  

What does this mean for all of you without projectors?? Nothing has changed! You'll still get your awesome Elliedactyl patterns as normal :).  So far they have updated the Reid, Tribute, Ryleigh, 5K, 10K, and Ellie Dolman Cardigan and are continuing to work through the rest.  If you've already purchased these patterns you can just redownload from the website to get the projector file. To celebrate this awesome change, Elliedactyl is having an awesome sale with 25% off all patterns for a week!  Use the code rockinreading25 at checkout!  Finally, don't forget to get your pre-orders in for this awesome bees and more, closing 2/28!

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How can I buy the bee fabric? I love it. How never ordered before and not sure how to do it. HELP !!!

Shirley A Ney

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