DIY Plant Pot Cover

DIY Plant Pot Cover

So I've recently become a plant mom so obviously the new Monstera rainbow print has my heart big time.  There's about a million things I want to sew with it but I was trying to figure out something fun and unique.  After some Pinterest searching I discovered people actually make fabric pot covers *mind blown*!  I can do that!!  So I set out looking at tutorials and honestly I wasn't really happy with most of them.  I'm very much a lazy/easy as possible sewist.  So after some searching I decided why not make my own.  So- anyone want to make some pot covers with me?? I mean how cool are these!?!

For supplies I used vinyl for my liner and bottom to help add a water resistant aspect and structure but you can choose any fabric with structure. For my outside I used cotton lycra-  if you have it I'd recommend woven though.   If you are using cotton lycra I'd recommend adding interfacing to make it easier to sew and add more structure. I skipped it because as I said- Lazy :P  and it worked but interfacing definitely would have made it faster.    

First, pick the pot size you want to cover. You can simple trace the biggest part of the pot on to your bottom fabric.  I used one layer of vinyl for this as I don't mind the raw edges showing on the inside since they aren't seen. If you have a plant already in your pot you can measure it and create your own circle based on the diameter.  


Once you've traced it you'll want to add seam allowance.  Now if you want a snug pot cover you'll just add 1/4" all the way around your circle to create a new circle.  If you want more wiggle room I'd add 1/2" (or more if you really want it big).  I wanted snug so I used 1/4".  This will be your bottom piece. Cut out the new circle with the seam allowance.

To figure out your side pieces you want to measure the diameter if your first circle/pot.  (note- if you added the 1/2" on either side for a less snug pot you'll want to measure your diameter plus 1/4" on either side).  Now take that diameter and multiply it by 3.14 to get the length of your side length. Add 1/2" to that number for your seam allowance (1/4" on either side).  

For your height simply measure your pot.  If you want it the exact height you'll use that measurement plus 1/4" seam allowance on the top and bottom.  If you want a fold over style, add a few inches to it.  Cut two of these sides- one in your main and one in your lining. Obviously I need a new clear ruler... yikes!

Now it's time to sew!  Lay your main piece down right sides up and place your lining piece directly on top of it right sides together.  Stitch the top together with a 1/4 seam allowance.  Open it up and fold it together like a sandwich short ends together.  Stitch along the side with a 1/4" seam allowance creating a circle.  Press that seam open (optional you can top stitch those seams down to reduce bulk).

Fold the main over the lining so the wrong sides are together.   Top stitch along the top seam.   If you are using shifty fabric you may wish to baste the bottom two layers together at this point.

Next you will divide your bottom into 4 equal sections and repeat with your bottom circle.  Turn your cylinder so the lining is on the outside.  Place your circle to the bottom of your cylinder matching up your 4 sections and pin.  Make the right side of your bottom is facing in the cylinder.  Clip the rest of it together and now slowly stitch them together.  

Turn your pot cover right side out and you are done! If you've used a fabric that frays you'll want to finish your edges with either a serger, zig zag stitch, or pinking shears.  

These are so fast and so cute!! I can't wait to make them as gifts for people and level up the plant giving game.  I'm going to try adding some grommets and handles to my next one I think. I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial and I can't wait to see how you decorate your plant babies! Don't forget to grab your monstera and more on pre-order until the 14th!  There's even woven!

Happy Sewing and Rocking <3



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