Did Someone Say Free!?! *updated*

Did Someone Say Free!?! *updated*

I'm so excited to bring you the Freebie Blog today!!  Every pattern here is free and great for Holiday gifts, decorations, scrap busting, andmore!  It was definitely hard to only choose a few when there are so many amazing freebies out there but unfortunately, I couldn't sew them all! Hopefully, you love what we brought this time and we'll have to bring you more soon! 

*newly added - the RockerByeDestash Patterns newborn beanie - you can find this pattern in our group!

Let's start with a few Freebies from Patterns for Pirates . They actually have 26 amazing freebies up for grabs ranging from full clothing pieces to cute little bonuses!  I couldn't choose a favourite of course but here are two that I love.  First- The little bowtie pattern!  It's intended for woven fabrics but I just used interfacing on my knit and ended up with these adorable matching bow ties for my little guys!! Minky would be a great option as well. We are so ready to see Santa now! 

Next is one of my favorite freebies ever I think. It's the perfect scrap buster, dirty hair coverer, and gift option- the Slouchy Headwarmer is so quick and cozy. I used a scrap of squish and it's heaven! I didn't have the full 21 inches wide so I did 21x17 (still using the 21 to go around my head) and it still worked great. It will work with any type of knit that has decent stretch and will give you a different look depending on the thickness of the knit.  There are 4 different ways to wear it although I'm only showing you three because I couldn't get the "hat" with the lacking width.  Here is my example in the amazing new grunge coordinate print.


How fun is that?? They also just released a super cute car seat cover/ nursing cover/ highchair and shopping cart cover too that would be perfect for bamboo!! So make sure to check out Patterns for Pirates and all the fun freebies and patterns they have. 

Next up, I'm super excited to bring you this amazing free stocking pattern from Peekaboo Patterns!  I've made a ton of these and they come together so cute and easy.  I've even enlarged them for bigger versions. Once again, ideal for wovens so it's perfect for all the amazing holiday minky prints up for grabs.  You could use knit fabrics though by simply interfacing if you wanted but why skip the furry fun!?  It perfectly paired with some faux fur for this epic wilderness stocking! I think the whole family needs one now. Space Santa stocking?!  Yes, please! 


Peekaboo also has a bunch of other awesome freebies including Holiday decorations such as a tree skirt, fabric gift bags, a jack frost stocking hat and more!  You'll just need to join their facebook group to get the code to make all the freebies free. 

This next freebie the amazing Danielle of HomeSewn Couture sewed up one for her son and her daughter actually sewed hers!  It's an awesome free robe pattern from Rad Patterns!  They even have an adult version up grabs. The pattern can be found by joining their facebook group and looking in their files section. It's called the Grab and Go. The grab and go is perfect for any knit with stretch-  squish, french terry, and cotton lycra are all favorites!   While these aren't fabrics up for pre-order I definitely wanted to show you this freebie as it's perfect for all the winter and holiday fabrics that are available. Although, If you are unlike me, who wears holiday stuff year round, you can always make one out of the awesome coordinates as well. 

She did do slight modifications to the pockets and added loops for the robe tie to not get lost.  I can't wait to make some for my boys out of squishy plaid!  

For this next freebie, I pretty much die happy every time I see these pictures! Sarah of Shady Pines Stitchery was absolutely brilliant and used her holiday round minky strike offs for this amazing freebie bean bag/ stuffed animal ball pattern from Max and Meena Patterns .The code to make it free is available in the pinned post of their facebook group!  You'll definitely want a sturdy fabric for this pattern so the ball keeps its shape so I'd definitely recommend minky but you could potentially use squish just be prepared for it to "squish out" when sitting on it. I really can't wait to see what you all come up with for these!  I'll definitely be making one to finally have a place for all those stuffies my boys don't actually care about but I'm too attached to to throw away. 

Now something to keep the kiddos heads warm: The wonderful Alexa of MinneSEWta Threads sewed these adorable free slouchy beanies from Heidi and Finn Patterns .  I love a good slouchy beanie and they are perfect for scraps!  You could use cotton lycra, dbp, squish, or even bamboo.  Each base will give you a different look and drape of the "slouch".   The coordinate stripes one is made of French Terry and the Halloween one is in Cotton lycra. I'd sew a million of these but my boys immediately throw hats off so I look forward to seeing all of yours! 

Finally to finish off the freebie blog, last but definitely, not least, I bring you Made for Mermaids Coffee Cozy.  This is the ultimate scrap buster and so cute! Perfect for gifts or to keep in your car/purse to accent all those holiday drinks ;).  Alexis of Cotton and Grain Sewing Company was amazing and whipped us up this adorable one in Minky Wilderness. I'm dying over that wood button!  It also works with snaps though if you tend to avoid buttons at all costs like I do. 

This is just one of 60 freebies Made for Mermaids has available including mermaid and shark tale blankets, ornaments, wine fabric gift bags, women and children's clothing, scarves, hats, aprons, and more! Make sure to check them out as all these awesome freebies will keep you sewing for a while!  

Honestly, there are so many amazing freebies out there from the amazing pattern companies it was so hard to choose. I wanted to sew them all for you but alas, I am but one person.  Thankfully the amazing Rockerbye Strike team stepped up and helped me so I could bring you even more. Don't forget to share your freebie sews in our facebook group and give all the pattern makers a big thank you for all the time they put in to give us free amazing patterns!

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I love the slouchy headwarmer! I’ve made it using different sized pieces with scraps and it still works. I’ve made the bow tie too, but I think I used the M4M pattern. Thanks for leaving a good list and some great reminders for gifts 💗

Andrea H

These blog posts are so useful! Thanks amber and Michelle and Danielle!!! Great work as always


Thanks for sharing these freebies!


I really need to try the headwarmer / hat thing from P4P. Its amazing to use in so many fashions.


Thanks for the inspiration. I think the Slouchy Headwarmer is such a versatile piece that it will make a great gift for a lot of people on my list.


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