Current RBD plans with COVID-19

Current RBD plans with COVID-19

Hello my loves! What a week it has been... I hope you are all staying safe and healthy. So many overwhelming things ahead but we are all in this together. 3/15 I did a live video explaining a lot of our plans... I will embed that here. 


But to recap I wanted to type that all out for you in a much shorter and concise little blog here.

1: Friends, you don't need to hoard toilet paper. We all have piles of fabric and scraps. Now is the time to use some of that beautiful stash for wipes! Ok... maybe not the beautiful stash... but the unloved stash, lol If you have flannel do a fun kid project and cut some squares and serge the edges... if you have knits you can just cut squares! No need to serge. This is also a great option to use up old t-shirts, sheets, etc. Keep them in a separate bag from your trash or a wet bag if you have it. Wash on hot. This is a resourceful, eco-friendly, money saving option that can check a big thing off the list that is stressing so many people out. Stock up on some food, medications, etc... but the toilet paper? We've been preparing for this for ages, we just didn't know it... lol

2: RockerByeDestash Fabrics will be shipping orders as usual for as long as the USPS allows so expect your PP5 to be shipping soon! Things may be slower around here because we have all 4 kids home now and are homeschool parents... but we will still go on. This includes shipping any new retail orders that sprinkle in. I am washing my hands about 6,000 times a day and we are practicing social distancing so will not be having any extra help in or out of the office at this time. If you need some extra time on the Round AA Preorder Im sure that won't be a problem. Just keep in touch with me. 

3: BECAUSE of the current climate... I will be halting any preorders until at least April. You have so many other things to worry about, I don't want to add "buy this preorder" to your list nor add sewing/promoting to the list of my team. So at this point we will be stepping back a bit from taking any future preorders until at least 4/1. Hopefully this will give us all some time to figure out what is happening as things are changing so quickly all over the world. 

4: We just gave away 5 - $50 gift cards to help with people getting resources and we will KEEP trying to do more fundraisers to help people get what we need. We will also be compiling a list of things that help others get access to funding, food, school lunches, educational materials, etc. 

5: Im sure there is more but I am going to end with this. Fresh Apparel is raising funds for Grand Rapids Area Kid’s Food Basket. See link below for more details! 100% of profits will be donated.

Ordering ends Wednesday afternoon at 3pm and tees are estimated to ship next Friday. No discount codes or gift card redemptions on fundraising tees. 
Stay safe and healthy my fiends. So many things are changing so quickly and I would love for our group to continue to be a positive place for you so check in often. 
<3 Amber
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