Celebrating 12.5k group Members Milestone!!

Celebrating 12.5k group Members Milestone!!

As most of you know by now, Rockerbye Destash Fabrics has grown fast and furious!  About two years ago today Amber branched out from her main business Rockerbye Baby (Rock and Roll Baby apparel) and started Rockerbye Destash that we have all become addicted to. 

The first custom prints she ran were Wilderness, Dragons, and Mermaids which are all of course still favorites!  Obviously, those brought people banging down the doors for more.  ( She was actually my first custom fabric purchase ever.  I blame her for where I am now ;))


12.5k people later Rockerbye Destash has become so much more than just fabric but a community, a group of friends, and a place of lots of happiness and laughs surrounded by amazing fabrics.   Amber has touched all of us differently with her fabrics, the community she built, and honestly just her amazing customer service.  It's really so much more than fabric now for so many of us. 

So as Rockerbye Destash continues to grow,  we want to celebrate all of you for making this dream possible for Amber and her family.   All of your purchases go straight to supporting her family.  We know she's always giving back but today we are doing a bigger giveaway to celebrate! So go ahead and enter the giveaway below because Rockerbye Destash wouldn't be what it is now if it wasn't for you.   So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!   We love you all and can't wait to see where this thing continues to go! 

Also- Don't forget the pre-order open right now that closes on 4/27!  

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I love all the fabric options! The ninja ones are so fun. 🙂

Thanks for the giveaway! Also I did share this on my Facebook but I can’t figure out how to share a screenshot from my phone. Sorry!!


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