Free Beanie Blog with Faux Fur Pom Tutorial

Free Beanie Blog with Faux Fur Pom Tutorial

The weather has definitely changed so I figured it was time to get you all some awesome free beanie patterns!  Nothing better than some toasty Rockerbye on your Noggin to keep the whole family warm! I've got a DIY faux fur Pom tutorial for you as well. So let's get started!

The first pattern I'm bringing you is Patterns for Pirates Free Slouchy Beanie!  It's a banded beanie with just the right amount of slouch for the whole family! Bonus it's an incredibly fast sew.  The pattern comes with 4 different sizes that fit most-  toddler, child, teen, and adult.  It's a great scrap buster as well.  You'll download the pattern first and then follow these instructions. A helpful hint-  fabric choice will change the look of the beanie-  the thicker your fabric and less drape will give your beanie less slouch while fabrics like bamboo will be ultra slouchy.  Look at these adorable mommy and me beanies I made for my kiddo and I with squish as the main fabric and french terry for the band. They are so cozy with the perfect drape and ultra cute with the faux fur pom attached.  


I love this Holiday Wilderness cotton lycra beanie from Christen of Teeter Totter Lane Handmade!   This print, as well as the red plain I used, are going up for retail here on 12/9 at 8pm CST so make sure to snatch some up! 

Now, look at this amazing Rockerbye Rainbow of cotton lycra beanies from Emily Wiedmaier of Rumpus Rags . 


Finally, I adore this Space Cats with the new grunge print (also going up for retail) from Torey of Ovilance Clothing Company

Next let's talk about Apple Tree Patterns Free Reversible Slouchy Beanie!  While it's another slouchy beanie pattern, this one does not have a band,  gives you the option of being reversible, and gives you smaller baby sizes.  The pattern sizes are 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, 1-3 years, Child to Small Adult, Medium Adult, and Large Adult.  It's double layered and comes with a fur pom tutorial as well (not the one I used).  You can wear it all the way slouchy or fold up the band for a less slouchy fit. Because it's double layered you'll want to pay attention to your fabric choice if you want a good slouch!  To get the pattern free you'll need to join their mailing list here and they'll email you the pattern.  They even used Rockerbye for their main photo! 


How cool is this zombie version by Lisa of Ellorabelle Creations

 These Llamas, could they be any cuter by Annie of Oh Sew Ophelia ??


Not of a fan of a slouchy beanie?? I'd recommend grabbing the Made for Mermaids traditional banded beanie for the whole family!  

What about all the little squishes?? If you looking for some free cute patterns for the little babies in your life,  I'd recommend the new Patterns for Pirates Teeny Beanie Set.  It comes with 3 options and sizes preemie to 12m!  Sorry, I'm lacking pictures in RBD but I can't wait to see what you all make! 

Now for the fun part-  The Faux Fur Pom!  I was actually going to give you my own tutorial but Made for Mermaids just released an awesome how-to that I followed minus a few important tweaks.  Now- I like big poms and I cannot lie.  So for my son's pom, I used the adult pom size.  For me- I printed at 120% for a larger pom (I might even go larger next time!).  This obviously prints outside of margins so I just folded the printed part on the page in half and traced to make the circle full. 

Another thing I'd really recommend when working with faux fur is don't use scissors!! Instead, grab an Exacto knife and cut from the back.  It's going to keep all your pretty long fur intact without weird cuts and really reduce shedding. 

Now you'll just continue with the tutorial ( I quadrupled my thread for extra strength) and attach to whatever beanie you choose!

Hooray for beanies!!  Especially free ones! They make perfect gifts and are in general super easy and quick to sew up.  I can't wait to see all your Rockerbye Beanies so please share in our group and all the groups that brought you these free amazing patterns!

Happy Sewing and Rocking!




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