Be Proud!

Be Proud!

It's that time of year again- one of our very favorites here at Rockerbye!   The Pride event is back and bigger than ever!  We've had the honor of participating in the last few years and are so happy to be welcomed back.   If you are new around here, The Pride Event is where our fabric community comes together to raise money for the Be Proud Charity Auction- a Charity Auction that gives donations to charities such as Point of Pride, The Trevor Project, and Trans Lifeline all which support the LGBTQ+ Community.  It's such an amazing way to give back and bring about awareness.  Read more about the charities here.  Now you might be wondering-  where does Rockerbye come into this and how can I help?  

Let me give you a quick rundown.  First-  Buy fabric.  Yep- You read that right, Buy More Fabric.  Amber has come up with some amazing fabric designs this year all loaded with color and epicness but the best part?  She donates 10% off all profits to the Be Proud Charity Auction for Clark (The Kick Butt Person who runs it) to give to different charities.   So take a gander over to the Pre-Order and fill up those carts! Not only do you get some awesome fabric but it's for a good cause.

Maybe you don't really need more fabric (HA, funny I know)  but seriously- sometimes we don't have the time or skills to sew but still want some handmade amazingness.   Well, you are in luck!  One of the big parts of the Pride Event is the Be Proud! Auction.   Sewists and fabric hosts from all over our community donate their time and resources to sew up some unique pieces that are all put up for Auction.  100% off all the proceeds from the auction go towards the previously mentioned charities.  How amazing is that!? You'll find everything from clothes, stuffies, accessories, and more in the auction group.  Invite your friends and family to all join in on the auction and get some holiday shopping done while supporting an amazing cause.  Or just treat yourself ;) Trust me, You won't want to miss this. Here are just a few examples of some things being offered that were sewn up with Rockerbye. 

The Auction started Friday and is daily so hurry and get those bids on!   Pre-Order is open now through 12/1.  We are so excited for you all to be joining in on this cause with us and striving to make a difference.   

Happy Shopping, Sewing, and Rocking,



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