All about Athletic with GreenStyle Patterns!

All about Athletic with GreenStyle Patterns!

If you haven't heard the news Rockerbye has moved into the athletic game and we couldn't be more excited!!  The athletic custom fabric base is the new best thing since sliced bread. Work out? it's for you!  Summer sewing ?? it's for you!  Anything at all?? it's for you!  Our new athletic is absolutely beautiful! Super soft and breathable - 95/5 poly lycra and 230-240 gsm.  Great stretch both ways with amazing breathability. It even has some drape too it!  

I decided I need to take it for a test "run" for you all so I headed over to Greenstyle Patterns to check out their different leggings patterns.  I ended up grabbing the Tempo Tights as they've been on my want list for a while. I'll be honest- I was a little intimidated because they look so cool but they are actually such an easy quick sew!  The Rockerbye athletic sewed together so easily.  No slipping like you'd get with swim, and my machines had no problems getting through it all!   The tempo tights come in a huge size ranging offering 3 different inseam lengths as well as two rise options, two hem options, and a "v" back (which I loved as I'm pretty flat bummed and it helped give the look I've got more going on back there lol :P).   They also have actual projector files as well as PDF, A4 and A0.  

How fun did these turnout!?  I can't wait to make more awesome Rockerbye combos!


Now if you didn't pre-order any athletic don't fret! Our first retail stocking that includes it is happening today 3/8 at 4pm CST!  So hurry and snag some up! You won't regret it!  Need some new patterns for all your athletic fabric?  Well, Greenstyle has giving us a $25 credit to give away to one lucky winner! Just enter the rafflecopter below! I can't wait to see what awesome combos you all come up for these tempo tights in RBD fabric!  Don't forget to share in the group!

Happy Sewing and Rocking, 

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I bought galaxy zombies specifically for workout leggings.


I ordered the RBD Succulent Coordinate print in the athletic base from the Round AA pre-order, so I think that would be awesome with these Greenstyle Tempo Tights!

Corrine Lutz

I’d use black watercolor grids!

Nikki S

I’ve had my eye on this pattern for Awhile!


I would use Galaxy zombies!


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