A Squishy Jolly Roger Raglan

A Squishy Jolly Roger Raglan

Squish, Squishy, Cozy, Soft, Stretchy, Amazing, Squishy, Cuddly, Warm, Snuggly, Squishy...... Just a few things to describe the amazing SQUISH!  Anyone who has been lucky enough to touch the squish is seriously obsessing over it.  THANK YOU AMBER FOR BRINGING THIS INTO OUR LIVES!!!

Now- the amazingness that is squish is hard to portray in photos honestly.  They just don't do it justice, but I'm going to do my best!  What is squish?  Well, think minky mashed with double-brushed poly.  It has all the softness and squishy pile of minky with the stretch and finished backside of double brushed poly.  It's perfect for clothing, blankets you want to have some stretch too, and really anything that needs a stretch.   ( Minky is going to be better for all your options that stretch is not your friend - check out our previous blog post about all the different minky inspirations.) 

For his squishy outfit top I used the Jolly Roger Raglan from Patterns For Pirates and it came together perfectly!  It's such a great pattern with a huge range of sizes from 3m to size 14!!  These are some of the options you can choose with it too! 

Emerson is a little over 18 months and is outgrowing that size but not quite a 2T. I decided to still make him a 2T so he can wear his squish next winter. I used squish for the arms and bands. The white is actually the reverse side of squish so you can see how amazingly soft it is on both sides.  The center I used a french terry and they sewed together with no problems at all. He loved this shirt and it kept him warm running around outside in the snow! The arms stretched with zero issues as well as the bands and they all had great recovery too. It's like warm fully soft cloud wrapped around you. Trust me- You need it!     


Jolly Roger Raglan isn't just amazing for squish but for a ton of different fabrics like this cotton lycra one made by the awesome Jessie Lynn out of TKB prints. 

Patterns for Pirates not only have the great Jolly Roger Raglan but a ton of other amazing patterns for kids, men, and women!  A lot of my go-to patterns are from them!   They have also very generously offered a $20 store credit to one lucky winner! So head on over to Patterns For Pirates and take a little cruise through their patterns and then enter the giveaway below. 

What pants is he wearing??  Well, stay tuned for next week when we feature Halla Forever Fit Joggers! 

Now have you ordered your squish yet?? Have I convinced you?? If you haven't ordered, grab it here!  If you still are on the fence join us in the facebook group and we'll answer any questions we can!   

Until next week! <3 

P.S.  Extra Bonus-  

Squish also cleans AMAZINGLY well!  My son made sure to test that :P   




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I’d get the Wiggle!


Love this blog post. I definitely need to order some squish. As far as p4p I think I’d get the wiggle.


You have totally sold me on the Jolly Rodger Raglan. Love it and all the other patterns.

Vanessa M

I want the wiggle and the boundless dresses and the grandpa cardi for my son :)


I would get the Jolly Roger, it’s been on my list for awhile.

Mariah wall

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