A plethora of new patterns for your Rockerbye Swim!

A plethora of new patterns for your Rockerbye Swim!

Oh my gosh, I don't even know where to start!  Made for mermaids just released 6 new patterns and 4 of them are swim!  The other two will work perfectly for gauze!  Now, unfortunately, I only had time to test one of them so I'll explain and show you the Mama Alexandria first. 

I LOVE THIS SUIT!   It's actually a one-piece suit with a faux wrap or tie wrap option.  You can also choose from an optional flounce and 3 different strap options.   It's fully lined with sewn in cup and elastic shelf bra options as well! I didn't use my Rockerbye for my one piece option but look how cute it is!  So comfortable with a little bit of sexy as well! The pattern is detailed but so worth it! 


Now while I did love this one piece honestly I'm really a two piece girl at heart.   I've got a shorter boxy torso so generally a little midriff helps me look a  little longer :P Although, maybe it's the teenage me just not quite ready to let go of the two-piece yet?   Anyways-  I had to hack this into a two piece and saved my precious Rockerbye swim for it! There are multiple ways to hack this but I did a blog post for Made for Mermaids on my version which is available here.   Next, I'm going to try just mirroring the faux wrap pieces! I'll let you know how that goes!  Obviously it can be done with or without flounces but apparently, I have a flounce addiction!  


There are multiple other hacks as well, including a dress and a double flounce!   Have a daughter??  Well they, of course, have a matching Allie pattern you can grab to be twinsies with your little!!


This next suit, unfortunately, I didn't have time to test but I can't wait to make a zombie version!!  This is the Mama Roxy and girls Roxy Suit



How adorable are those!?   Super versatile too! 

Now, who has some gauze sitting around or better yet- the bamboo that is going to be up for pre-order soon!??  Well, they also released the Lola and Mama Lola gorgeous swim coverups! Once again- no time to sew but I can't wait to makes some! 



Patterns galore!!  So the reason I showed you the patterns I didn't test is that well,  A- they are beautiful and perfect for your Rockerbye, and B-  There is an amazing bundle sale going on where you can get all 6 patterns for $28.50-  That's $4.75 a pattern!  Don't need all the patterns?? They are all on sale for $7 individually or you can get the women's bundle with all three patterns or the girls with all three patterns for $15. Hurry though- the Sale ends Monday, July 9th at Midnight CST. All patterns available here.   

I seriously can't wait to see you all put your Rockerbye twist on these patterns! Thanks for reading! 

Happy Sewing and Rocking,



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