2019 Make 9 Sewing Goals- Get out of that Creative Rut!

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2019 Make 9 Sewing Goals- Get out of that Creative Rut!

So I've been sewing for around 3-4 years now and as I continue to grow in my skills I've also realized I tend to get comfortable.  With comfortable comes burn out and boredom, at least for me.   It's so easy to fall into our favorite patterns and comfort zone.  While that's not a bad thing,  it can kill our creative side.  The side that brought us to sewing in the first place!  So this year I've decided to try for the Instagram make 9 challenge.   Basically, you choose 9 things (sewing or craft related) that have been on your "to try someday" list and put them on your goals for the year.  It's a very low key way to bring to light some important projects with very little pressure attached.

I figured all of us probably have some goals we want to hit right? So, I want to know, What are yours?

Want to do the full make nine?? Make a college and go for it!   Too many? Just share your top 3 things you want to try this year.   Either way, let's set our creative brains on fire and push ourselves (even better if it includes your favorite Rockerbye prints)!

Need some inspiration?  Here is mine!  I know I'm having a baby in about a month so I might not hit all of them but I figured why not give it a try. So, here we go, my make nine-

1.  Sew some stuffies!  Now that my kiddos are getting older I really want to make some "toys" for them that they'll love and cherish

2.  I have this magic softshell I've had in my stash forever and I want to finally use it for a raincoat for my kiddo.  Something I've never worked with! Of course, it'll need to be lined with my favorite Rockerbye Coordinate.

3. I'd love to draft my own clothing item- even if it's simple

4. A bag- this one is scary for me- I'm so in awe of bag makers and really want to try one sometime!

5. Buttons- It sounds ridiculous but buttons scare me.  I can do the button holes but lining everything up and actually sewing buttons with my machine.  EEK!  So definitely need to conquer this.  It's only been on my list for years! 

6. A woven Chiffon Dress.   

7.  Another silly thing- Tulle scares me.  Now that I'm having a girl I figured I need to get over that and make all the fun tulle skirts!

8.  A really cool edgy wool coat.

9.  My own lingerie

There you have it! My goals for 2019.

Now I know some of you are new seamstresses, so if your goals are as simple as sew with woven for the first time, install a zipper, try a new pattern you've had in your stash, anything like that let's hear it! 

We've decided to help you jump start your goals with a $20 retail fabric credit giveaway!  New fabric is always a great way to get started.  Want to win?  List at least 3 of your goals either here in the blog comments or in the group on this blog post!  I'd love to see some make 9 collages though.  Come back and enter the raffle copter below. We can't wait to see all the ways you want to push your creative boundaries and jump out of your sewing/crafting ruts! 

Happy Sewing and Rocking


P.S.  If you decide to do the actual make nine challenge don't forget to use the hashtag #2019makenine when posting! 


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  • Tiffany

    1)make underwear for my kiddos 2) sew a shirt for my doggo 3) sew with ITY 4)sew with modal

  • Kate

    I would love to sew a bag this year, a big one!! I also want to give toddler boots a go eek. Last, but not least, make something with minky (this one scares the crap out of me).

  • Susan

    1. I want to make some little girl panties for my granddaughters. 2. I have also bought (just a week ago) some faux suede to make pants with. Although I’ve sewn faux suede before, this is stretch faux suede, a little more expensive, and will be pants for me. I might be a little scared. 3. I have owned the Chelsea pants pattern from greenstle creations pattern for about eight months now. I want to make them for me. 3. I have decided to make a dress (which means three because three granddaughters (actually four but one is an infant)) with a tulle skirt. 4. I plan to make a dress (once again, three) with a twirly skirt for the granddaughters. 5. Joggers for me. 6. Sone canvas bags for groceries. 7. A tent for a reading nook for one of the grands. 8. Make up my unpaper towels. 9. A rash guard for me.
    My list sounds selfish.

  • Kristina A.

    1. Sew through my stash
    2. Not buy any new fabric without clear plans on what to make with it.
    3. Follow through with my sewing goals.
    4. Attempting the 52-week sewing challenge to help accomplish 1 & 2

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